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Requirements: Cold War Rearmed²
Island(s): Abel
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible & Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.03

Date: 2015-01-30 07:25

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OFP Nostalgia Pack (CWR²)


This is a revival of the OFP Nostalgia Pack.

Back in 2001 a few talented people created the first OFP Missions using the demo content and a 3rd party mission editor – remember the game was not even released back then.
It was the time were mission editing people were real men and exploited the game in order to find out how stuff is done. ;-)

I have converted and fixed these missions so they can be used in CWR². Where possible I added playable slots for MP usage, see the list below for a list of MP compatible missions and their player slots.
Converting these missions was a pain because the previously mentioned editor created mission files which are no more readable by ArmA2. That means I had to fix the bugs manually, then imported the mission and then started working on them once the mission became stable.
I changed a few smaller things and scripts but I would say I reached the goal of keeping 90% of the original mission.
In this – probably final – update I’ve gone through all missions again and made a lot of big and small fixes and changes. While this may be the last update, please report critical bugs and I try to fix them asap.

ONP_5th Special Forces [Coop 11]
ONP_Anti Air Attack [Coop 09]
ONP_Battle at Lolisse [TvT 96]
ONP_Bears In Red Wood [Coop 10]
ONP_Blood'n Guts Warfare [Coop 07]
ONP_Boxing Day [Coop 09]
ONP_Chopper Practice [Coop 03]
ONP_Close Combat [Coop 13]
ONP_Convoy [Coop 10]
ONP_Dark Combat [Coop 10]
ONP_Dragunov [SP only]
ONP_Dropzone [Coop 20]
ONP_Fishermans Bend [Coop 24]
ONP_Fishin US Style [Coop 22]
ONP_Foothold [Coop 08]
ONP_Forest Gump [Coop 10]
ONP_Fubar 1 [Coop 08]
ONP_Fubar 2 [Coop 04]
ONP_Invasion Normandy [Coop 10]
ONP_Le Port [Coop 10]
ONP_Lightstorm - M16 [Coop 04]
ONP_Lightstorm - MP5 [Coop 04]
ONP_Lone Eagle [Coop 10]
ONP_Mayday Mayday [Coop 10]
ONP_Missing In Action [SP only]
ONP_Night Surprise 1 [Coop 08]
ONP_Night Surprise 2 [Coop 10]
ONP_Normandy [SP only]
ONP_RBJ Storm [Coop 08]
ONP_Real Ambush RU [Coop 10]
ONP_Real Ambush US [Coop 10]
ONP_Red Dawn [Coop 10]
ONP_Red Woods [Coop 14]
ONP_Ride Of The Valkyries - Officer [Coop 08]
ONP_Ride Of The Valkyries - Pilot [Coop 03]
ONP_Ride Of The Valkyries - Private [SP only]
ONP_Supply Depot Raid [Coop 09]
ONP_T-72 [Coop 03]
ONP_The Final Frontier [Coop 10]

Simply unpack the "Missions" folder into your ArmA2 installation folder. No files will be overwritten.
After unpacking the archive, there is a new folder/entry called "OFP Nostalgia Pack" in your SP Missions folder/screen.
If you want to play the missions in MP, you need to copy/move the pbo files from "Missions" into "MPMissions".

Compared to todays ‘standards’ these missions are pretty easy, some would call them even ‘crappy’ – usually there is no fancy scripting and effects stuff. However playing these missions gives you an idea how it was back then in Summer 2001 as the community was awaiting the first War Simulation from a once great Bohemia Interactive.

Credits & Thanks:
First off, all the people making these missions back in 2001.
Avon Lady for fixing the original missions for OFP and having them still downloadable until today.
Shuko for his Taskmaster script.
Kronzky for his Urban Patrol script.
Ghost for his helicopter insertion script.
Sander for testing the missions several times.
Mikero for his ‘fancy’ editing tools, they saved me a lot of grey hair.
Anyone else I forgot.

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  • v1.02
    - prevented the M113 to flee

    5th Special Forces
    * Added ammo/launcher boxes at airport and town
    * Some units have only a 50% appearance chance
    * First T-72 has a 50% appearance chance
    * Second T-72 only available in veteran mode

    Anti-Air Attack
    * Resistance T-55 has a 50% appearance chance
    * Shilkas are in 'engage at will' mode at mission start
    * Fixed not working links

    The Final Frontier
    * Convoy moves only when towns are secured (I hope)
    * Redefined all variables

    Dark Combat
    * Most tanks/APCs only available in veteran mode
    * Added weapon/ammo crates
    * Added some light fortifications

    Real Ambush
    * When trucks are disabled or destroyed, their drivers are removed

    Close Combat
    * When player is command he can (re)enable the team's movement with Radio Alpha
    * Added marker showing the area which must be clear (less than 5) of all enemy

    * Some more units are only available in veteran mode
    * Only the 'target' is an officer model now to make him a bit easier to find

    Mayday! Mayday!
    * Mission ends now if there are less than 3 people left in each enemy group and both BMPs are disabled
    * Helicopter _should_ now wait until everyone is aboard
    * Made sure all squad members survive the paradrop by temp. make them invulnerable
    * Fixed not working briefing links

    Missing in Action
    * Redefined all variables
    * Fixed not working briefing links

    Boxing Day
    * Increased view distance
    * Redefined all variables
    * Increased West skill level
    * Descreaded T-72 skill level

    * Changed trigger for first objective, town must be free of OPFOR now
    * One more BMP is only available in veteran mode

    Supply Depot Raid
    * Intro scene fixed
    * Changed LZ marker names
    * Fixed objective complete triggers
    * Lowered enemy ranks (Captain = Corporal)
    * Made sure all squad members survive the paradrop by temp. make them invulnerable

    * Changed trigger so you don't have to search for the last survivor
    * Fixed not working briefing links

    Forest Gump
    * 50% of the enemy units are only available in veteran mode

    Fishermen's Bend
    * Fixed not working briefing links

    Fishin' US Style
    * Two T-72s are only available in veteran mode
    * Fixed not working briefing links

    * Fixed not working briefing links

    Invasion Normandy
    * Reduced enemy tanks rank
    * Some more tanks are only available in veteran mode
    * Some more tanks have only a 50% appearance chance
    * Addded ammo crates at the trucks

    Le Port
    * Fixed not working briefing links

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