Russian modern mechanized infantry updated to version 3.01
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cmp released version 3.015 of the Russian modern mechanized infantry on our forums.

    Quote cmp :
    This addon contains Russian Motorized Infantry with brand new equip in 3 variants of camo (Desert, Digital, Woodland).

    • Added vests to distance LODs
    • Reworked scouts
    • Now wounds on legs work properly
    • Fixed errors in view pilot LOD
    • Reduced number of texture sections (now from 4 to 11, not from 6 to 15)
    • Added camo covers to the helmets
    • Reworked medic model
    • Units no longer float about 5 cm off the ground
    • Fixed errors in stringtable
    • Neated up pants and boots
    • Scout medic can heal now
    • Fixed GL bug in Vilas weapons config

Russian modern mechanized infantry v3.015

Arma 2
East Weapon Pack (only when using Vilas' weapons pack)

Written on 2012-04-17 21:51 by Foxhound  

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