Coop mission : IA Drang by Hawk45

Hawk45 released an updated version of his IA Drang co-op mission on our forums.

    Quote Hawk45 :
    Its based closely on the battle of IA Drang (the battle that was fought in Nam).
    The aim of the misson is to land at LZ XRAY where a small group of special forces landed 4 hours ago and started setting up an F.O.B in that area. 1 hour after drop off the special force group found rebel scouts in the area. After interigating them for 20 minutes we were informed that there is hundreds of rebels in the nearby hills! After telling this information to HQ, we were quickly told to get ready for the greatest battle of our time. We are outnumbered 4:1 but we will succeed!

    • added ground vehicles for use at base
    • added civilians for a more dynamic experience
    • added spawning for the helos
    • slightly increased enemy AI number

Written on 2012-04-24 11:01 by Foxhound  

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