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Mr Burns released the BWMod Fix on the BI forums.
This will make BWMod v1.7 work with latest ArmA2 OA patches.

    Quote :
    Everything in this is a hybrid of non working v1.7 config & a working but unreleased v1.8 config, + some other things.
    Basically saying, it's all Terp's and he did it before. We only nagged him enough to let us make & release the fix - so we could finally play Flecktarn again!

    • all errors from BWMod 1.7 in ArmA2 >1.54 environment gone
    • now requires ArmA2 & Operation Arrowhead (CO) instead of only ArmA2
    • Woodland units use black G36's which are adapted to have OA's 'dual scope'
    • Desert units use OA's G36_Camo
    • freaky Pzf3 animation fixed (replaced with 1.8 closed beta animation)
    • Fuchs wreck wrong texture path (replaced with 1.8 closed beta model)
    • updated ACE compatibility config addon

Written on 2012-04-17 19:02 by Foxhound  

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