PedagneMOD beta fix version 02.1 released
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Arremba San Zorzo informed us the PedagneMOD team released the PedagneMOD betaFIX - Vehicles addons on the BI forums.

    Quote Arremba San Zorzo :
    Today the PedagneMOD team has released the new BetaFix Pack for vehicles of PedagneMOD. Just one week after the previous release, here a new pack that fix some other bugs on some vehicles.
    Today, you can find also a Show Missions pack, that allow you to see all vehicles of PedagneMOD (around 100) deployed on the runway of Utes Island's, never put them in editor one by one.
    In this release you find vehicles that you have almost already seen. In the Next release you will found new vehicles, new soldiers, new weapons and new fleet!
    Enjoy and don't forget to support the team!

Written on 2012-04-21 10:34 by Arremba San Zorzo  

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