F2F AV-8B Harrier II Plus / AV8B Night Attack addon by F2F_BossHoggOutlaw
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F2F_BossHoggOutlaw submitted his F2F USMC MAG AV8B Harrier addon.

    Quote F2F_BossHoggOutlaw :
    This Harrier mod was made to correctly portray the united States Marine Corps AV8B Harriers and comes with the following features:
    • Proper Vtol action - can lift off much like the F-35B, however has a rearward motion so some nose down is required on lift off.
    • Working Speed Brake - this action is tied into the aircrafts speed, at present it opens and closes at around 250kph, and remains open during autohover, and will stay that way until auto hover is turned off.
    • Real Unit Aircraft Markup

Written on 2012-04-21 13:42 by F2F_BossHoggOutlaw  

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