WIP Report - West-Kent Map UK
Work in progress

Jeza posted a new update about his West-Kent map on our forums.

    Quote Jeza :
    I thought I would post some screens after today small session, by now you should get the idea of what to expect, lots of english countryside, Uk buildings are in the pipes, no eta on them, so may release a placeholder with just UK roads and update at a later point. Anyway don't want to take up to much of your time, so here are the screens showing:
    • few houses out in the sticks along with some ponds, found in deeper forrest area's
    • A Council estate area
    • Farming complex within the village of bidborough
    • Forrest backdrop from the farm
    • Couple more screens from the far end of bidborough
    Once I'm happy with placements ect, they'll be a lot more detail and clutter added.

You can find more detailed information and leave your feedback in the West-Kent Map UK WIP topic.

Written on 2012-04-27 08:48 by Jeza  

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