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IceBreakr informed us he released an updated version of his Lingor Units on the BI forums.
The Lingor Units is a massive community project which adds 5 factions to the Lingor island as well as many vehicles like jet-skis, different armor vehicles, helicopters, prop planes, racing vehicles and lots more!

    Quote IceBreakr :
    Unit pack for Lingor Island. Combined Ops or A2+Operation Arrowhead required patched to at least v1.56.
    It consists of:
    - GAL Army (Government Army of Lingor)
    - ARL Army (Armadas Revolucionarias de Lingor)
    - Druglord's Army aka Armed Civilians
    - Special FEA Police unit
    - Protestors
    - Civilians (Local, Male)
    - Venator PMC Company (Mercenary Army that is training GAL troops and providing security tasks for the government)
    - UniSol Company (mysterious scientists)
    - Mig-21MFs for GAL/ARL in AA/AG variants and GAL Unarmed "Swordfish" Trainer for Airshows
    - ZSU-57-2 antiair armored vehicle
    - Pinzgauers
    - VBL/VAB vehicles
    - A4 Skyhawk
    - PBR and assault boats
    - jetskis
    - Leopard 1A5
    - special characters for storyline

Written on 2012-05-15 12:35 by IceBreakr  

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