Author: hcpookie
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This addon adds new grenade launchers, units and ammo to your game.

Date: 2013-08-10 19:54

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G-6 Grenade Launcher and Heavy Grenadier Units


This addon adds numerous grenade launchers and units. The new items include:
- NEW sawed-off shotgun pistol: Just like Mad Max carried in the Post-Apocalyptic Future!
- NEW launchers:
- RG-6 (aka 6G30) Russian 6-shot rotary grenade launcher
- GM-94 3-shot thermobaric (FAE) grenade launcher
- MRO-A thermobaric (FAE) RPG launcher
- RPO-A thermobaric (FAE) RPG launcher
- Mk13 Pistol version
- M79 Pistol version
- GM-94 Pistol version
- GP-25 Pistol version
- Signal flare pistol
- NEW smoke rounds for all AT weapons (great for multiplay!):
- MRO-D Smoke
- PG-7 Smoke
- SMAW Smoke
- RPO-D Area Smoke
- MAAWS Area Smoke
- NEW Thermbaric fuel-air explosive ammunition for existing launchers:
- SMAW-NE thermobaric (FAE) ammunition
- MAAWS-TB thermobaric (FAE) ammunition
- TBG-7V thermobaric (FAE) ammunition for RPG-7
- NEW OG-7 rocket model (replacement for default BIS model)
- NEW M203 rounds that use standard inventory slots (instead of pistol slots).
- New Heavy Grenadier Units and Groups for all default BIS factions using the new equipment as well as the BIS M32, Mk13 and M79 launchers.
- Ammo boxes and preloaded backpacks are also included.

  • Smoke:
      Smoke rounds now available for all AT launchers. Intended for multiplayer "look at my smoke" scenarios. Large-bore AT launchers (MAAWS and RPO-A) have large area cover smoke. Small-bore AT launchers (RPG-7, MRO-A, SMAW) have marker smoke rounds. Inventory requirements for smoke rounds are less than standard AT rounds.
  • Backpacks and ammo crates:
      "Assistant AT Gunner" packs are available for all new ammunition types. Additional pre-loaded Weapon + Ammunition packs are available as well. Ideal for MP backpack heaps. "Heavy Grenadier" Ammo crates contain all new ammunition types and launchers for either East or West.
  • Weapons:
      - Pistol versions are new in this release. They use the same magazines and are found in the Heavy Grenadier ammo boxes. The Mk13 and M79 pistol versions use the default BIS models via a proxy and therefore can't animate.
      - The RG-6 launcher is fully animated and uses new 6-shot VOG-25 magazines in HE, Smoke, and Flare, as well as default VOG-25 magazines.
      - The GM-94 launhcer uses new thermobaric grenades and can also use VOG-25 grenades.
      - The MRO-A and RPO-A launchers use thermobaric RPGs.
      - The TBG-7V thermobaric grenade is used in the RPG-7.
      - Thermobaric grenades are fuel-air explosives that produce concussion without large HE effect. The GM-94 grenades are designed for CQB scenarios and have a blast range of only 3 meters. The MRO-A and RPO-A thermobaric RPG launchers have significantly higher indirect blast effects.
      - Single-shot launchers Mk13 and M79 can now use 6-shot magazines. This allows them to carry pistol ammunition since it frees up the pistol ammunition slots.
  • Units:
      - The Heavy Grenadier units use faction-appropriate launchers (RG-6, GM-94, and M79 for East units; M32, Mk13, and M79 for West units). MRO-A and RPO-A units are present for both East and West factions. Every default BIS faction now has at least one new "Heavy Grenadier" unit. They are also armed with a pistol/PDW depending on faction. All Heavy Grenadiers are equipped with 14-slot backpacks for "mule" duties.
      - Civilian police units (Chernarus and Russian) are armed with the RG-6 with smoke and flare rounds!
      - The new "Heavy Grenadier" preloaded backpacks are available in the editor under "Empty > Backpacks". The pre-loaded backpacks are equipped with the specified launcher and grenade magazines.
      - New "Heavy Grenadier" ammo crates with grenade launcher rounds are available in the editor under "Empty > Ammo".
      - Stringtable localizations were made through online translator and may not be ideal.
  • Groups:
      Groups are available via the editor; ideal for scripted MP spawn solutions!

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

MLODs available:
The version 2.1 MLODs are available from here.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to BIS for the Armaverse!
Mod by hcpookie

NEW: Sawed-Off Shotgun pistol and ammo. Availalbe in box East and West ammo boxes.

- NEW: GP-25 standalone launcher and pistol model.
- NEW: GP-25 Grenadier units (classnames in readme).
- NEW: VOG-25 grenades for primary ammo slots.
- NEW: New VOG-25 grenades added to "Heavy Grenadier-East" weapon crate.

- NEW: Smoke rounds for all BIS AT launchers!
- NEW: Thermobaric FAE rounds for MAAWS and RPG-7.
- NEW: "Basic" flare pistol that shoots all standard smoke and flare rounds.
- NEW: TBG-7V rocket model.
- NEW: Improved OG-7V rocket model (replaces BIS model). OG-7 is an anti-personnel fragmentation round.
- NEW: Ammunition and Weapon + Ammunition backpacks for all new ammunition types.
- NEW: 1-round M203 rounds that take normal inventory slots instead of pistol inventory slots.
- NEW: Groups (available in editor).
- FIX: Ammunition issue that caused Mk13 and M79 gunners to report "out of ammo" status.
- IMPROVED: Heavy Grenadier unit selection expanded with new weapon / ammunition types.
- IMPROVED: Stringtable descriptions for all sections.
- IMPROVED: Lower inventory ammo slot requirements.
- IMPROVED: Heavy Grenadier ammo crates contain all new rounds and weapons.
- IMPROVED: RPO-A "loaded" model.

- NEW: SMAW-NE Thermobaric Ammo
- NEW: Pistol versions of single-shot grenade launchers
- FIX: Added missing GM-94 magazines to ammo boxes

- included not only the RG-6, but also the GM-94, MRO-A and RPO-A thermobaric grenade launchers
- also included units with localization for every type of grenade launcher including BIS grenade launchers

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