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JSF 82nd Reaper submitted the first public version of the Pegasus Team 101 MULE he has been working on.

    Quote JSF 82nd Reaper :
    The MULE is an UGV or Unnamed Ground Vehicle, which can be used as mobile cover and provide fire suppression for the team. This addon was influenced by Lockheed Martin's MULE that is or was being created for the United States Army. I've taken great pride in this project with the community helping me, and I hope as time progresses I'll be able to make it even better.

    There will be more updates, as I figure out how to get the Gear to work again, create better textures, attach a laser designator, and add missiles, create better textures, with some help from the community. (This will take time, for I'm still very new with scripting, modeling, and texturing.)

    Please stop by my thread if there are any bugs, or issues that you've come across, and I'll do my best to help.

Written on 2012-05-17 00:13 by Foxhound  

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