SP mission : Flashpoint: Sahrani by thomsonb updated
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thomsonb released a new version of his Flashpoint: Sahrani mission in the BI forums.

Changes in this version:
  • Changed: Preset Modes system now allows any number of Preset modes. (much easier to add new Preset Modes now)
  • New Preset Modes:
    • Low intensity and high intensity presets, change the intensity of the battle (low can also help users with slower CPU).
    • Presets with set time of day and weather, foggy morning and stormy evening.
    • Low and high support group presets, for users who like less or more vehicles, aircraft etc (again, low can also help users with slower CPU).
    • Changed: Factions system now allows any number of factions per side. (much easier to add more factions now).
    • Changed: Factions setup Dialog, now has a Random option.
    • Added: Ambient Civilians (still beta version)
    • Added: The ambient civilians are available in the respawn system (if you want to play as a civilian).
    • Fixed: Performance improved, less CPU used by scripts.
    • Added: Debug info can be turned on in Setup. Displays markers on map for player and all units, and shows unit count stats as the mission runs.
    • Changed: All map specific settings are stored in a single file named after the map, auto detected by init.sqf. (much easier to port new versions now)
    • Changed: Many Functions are combined in functionsInit.sqf reducing the mission filesize slightly.
    • Added: Units now sometimes have smoke grenades (if they have space left after being equipped).
    • Added: Gcam option now available in Commands list (only ArmA2 Combined Operations versions).
    • Changed: Aircraft AI improved again. Higher speeds, and less circling the area than before (still some BIS AI limitations).
    • Added: "Old Tractor" in parked cars module. I never new it existed before, thank you SixConfigBrowser!
    • Changed: Vehicles now stick to roads a bit more when possible.
    • Changed: Parked cars spawned more or less depending on size of town.
    • Changed: Infantry groups no longer stop and guard at their start position.
    • Fixed: Script error in waypoint system when near water (mainly noticed in Utes).
    • Added: Army of the Czech republic DLC units added to Czech faction. New Vehicles and Aircraft (weapons may come later)
    • Changed: Taliban Weapons Caches now shown on map with red X.
    • Fixed: RPK light machinegun was missing from Takistani and Taliban forces.
    • Added: Choose to play as a civilian man or woman, or a press reporter.
    • Fixed: Too many snipers in US SFOD-D Silenced teams.

Written on 2012-08-10 08:19 by thomsonb  

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