J.S.R.S. Soundmod - ACE weapons updated
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LordJarhead informed us he released an updated version of his J.S.R.S. Soundmod - ACE weapons on the BI forums.
This is only a temporary version until version 1.5 of his J.S.R.S. Soundmod is released!

    Quote LordJarhead :
    Here is a reuploaded version of the ACE weapons from last week. Those are now fixed and all RPT's are gone now, much thanks to Robalo who locked over the configs and fixed some messed up class inharitations.

    • Feature: Includes all earlier released ACE sounds
    • Fixed: All configs / inheritations

    If there still might be one or two or even more RPT's, just let me know please!

Written on 2012-05-29 19:45 by Foxhound  

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