WIP Report - Unsung The Vietnam Mod version 2.5
Work in progress

sgt_savage sent us the latest wip news about Unsung - The Vietnam Mod version 2.5.

    Quote sgt_savage :
    We are still moving forward time for a bit of an update and some eye candy to keep you interested.

    The mission guys are continuing work on the campaign we can now reveal is called : Operation Copperhead.
    You are Captain Jack Campbell from the special forces southern highlands command bought in to take charge of Camp Oscar. Survive numerous VC attacks on the SF base and surrounding villages while you retrain the local CIDG forces and build relations with the local populous. Go on recon, rescue and support missions following a progressive original storyline.

    We have also remixed all our weapon sounds to match as closely as possible to the real thing. However , it still gives you that punchy feeling like you actually holding the gun in your hand. Also we are expanding the sound side of things to take you deeper and immerse you in jungle operations of Vietnam. Now you will actually hear the VC and the screams for help from your wounded team mates, plus a few other surprises.

    While the config wars continue, Columdrum is winning the battle. However he could use some help there is a lot of little fiddly fixes to be made to get the mod in top shape.

    As you can see YAC has been hard at work updating and re texturing our weapons.

    Also,new maps in the works . Guess where this one is?
    Thanks to the kind donation by Gelaxo and Frosty Bowman we have 2 new islands under construction.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the wip topic.

Written on 2012-05-30 19:43 by sgt_savage  

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