Blake's Autopilot for Arma 2: OA updated
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blakeace informed us he released an updated version of his Blake's Autopilot, for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead on the BI forums.

    Quote blakeace :
    This is a port of my autopilot for take on helicopters. The main benefit for this with arma is the automatic engagement of attitude hold when viewing the map if the autopilot isn't already engaged.

    • Added: NAV Computer to dynamically add waypoints.
    • Added: Course mode (CRS) to alter the heading value to point to the current waypoint.
    • Added: Clear all waypoints menu item. Hold zoomout to make visible in the menu.
    • Fixed: Autopilot menu item duplication issue in multiplayer.

    1.1 Additions
    Course Mode Button (CRS): Select this to have either the heading or terrain modes update to direct towards the current waypoint.
    Clear waypoint data action menu item. Requires zoom out to be held for it to be visible. I removes all the current waypoints.
    NAV Computer: Use this to create a new or alter and existing set of waypoints.
    Markers - Red current editing position. Blue current waypoint for the group.
    Shift Left Click - Add a new waypoint at that position. The last waypoint created is always a Cycle waypoint.
    Left Click - Select the current editing point. Current point id highlighted with the red marker. Added waypoints are inserted after this point.
    Alt Left Click - If near enough to a waypoint position it will delete that waypoint. The last point cannot be deleted.

Written on 2012-11-16 13:45 by Blakeace  

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