Spetsnaz FSB version 2.1 by Stagler
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Stagler released his Spetsnaz FSB version 2.1 on the BI forums.

    Quote Stagler :
    Just a quick update guys in light of some bugs pointed out since patch 1.62 and before Lauri releases the next forgotten few update. In their infinite wisdow, the godlike developers of the series we all know and love decided to make changes to either the faces or the face textures on the defaulthead model. Ergo, white faces no longer show through the alpha texture on the glass on the visors, but chinese, balaclava, and arab heads do. So I created a workaround solution.

    • Had to fix the glass on the visors, this addon now uses its own set of "FSB" heads from FSB_face01 to 08.
    • Added randomised helmet and armoured vest colours.
    • Added sniper, now all default BIS MVD classes are present.

Written on 2012-08-21 21:53 by stagler  

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