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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 2.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: These are a change in direction to the mediocre "modern" FSB I released about 6 months ago.

Date: 2012-08-21 21:56

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Spetsnaz FSB


I have had these on my hard drive for ages for private use after they got the WIP thread closed. These are a change in direction to the mediocre "modern" FSB I released about 6 months ago. I am releasing them today since Hcpookie released his G-6 Grenade Launcher and Heavy Grenadier Units including many new thermobaric and handheld launchers in use by the FSB, and I want the community to get the best of out these units as possible.
These units have been thrashed about in SP and MP and work fine. There doesnt seem to be any major bugs. The mission scope for these units however is quite limited as ARMA is really a conventional warfare simulator, but I could see these being an excellent addition to the Forgotten Few Campaign by King Nothing.

  • Overall the look and feel of these units is generic "Police" Spetsnaz, maybe from groups such as Alfa, that were involved in the Beslan hostage crisis and several other missions in the North Caucasus region throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s. They wear overalls, armoured vests, and the distinctive helmets of the period.
  • 6 kinds of Operators wearing Gorka BARS.
  • 6 kinds of Operators wearing KZS one piece suits.
  • 3 Balaclava heads used by the units by default, can be used using setface or setidentity commands.
  • OA features compatible: Backpacks etc (OA thermal textures will come in a later update), and can administer first aid.
  • Equipped with default BIS MVD loadouts because they inherit directly from the BIS MVD classes (This is intended so any weapon replacement packs can work, or you can just set the weapons manually). This also means if you run ACE they will have ACE compatible loadouts. A weapon pack I recommend is Suddens excellent AK74M pack.
  • These units were the reason I started the Krinkov Pack

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Included files:

They can be found under the EAST side in the faction "FSB"



Credits & Thanks:
Models: BIS, ArdvarkDB, Binkowski, Johannes, Dcvm, Max1048, The Red Fox Studios, W0lle, Shnapdrosel.
Textures: BIS, ArdvarkDB, SafetyCatch, Kis4M3, The Red Fox Studios, AKM and for insipiration.

Thanks to my flat mate Doug, AKM and some members of DAGR for testing.
Thanks to Jackal326 and ArdvarkDB for advice and allknowingness about oxygen 2.

- Had to fix the glass on the visors, this addon now uses its own set of "FSB" heads from FSB_face01 to 08.
- Added randomised helmet and armoured vest colours.
- Added sniper, now all default BIS MVD classes are present.

- initial release (Change in direction from the modern FSB I released earlier).

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