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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: beta

Short description: This script makes, that scattered around area goods go to vehicle's trunk.

Date: 2012-06-15 09:19

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Automated Loot Harvesting


Laziness is the father of invention. Lately enjoyed one of those great missions, where part of player's activity is looting battlefields. Sometimes is annoying, when minutes passes on running between the next corpses and car trunk again, and again, while your subordinates all this time are only standing with fingers in their noses... So, I thought, why I, after all team leader, must to do this pretending to be a porter, if these lazy bastards should do it for me? Therefore created a little something, that make them busy with this task instead of me. Mostly for myself, but maybe this will prove useful also for someone else?

Idea is simple. This script makes, that scattered around area goods go to vehicle's trunk. But not by any kind of miraculous "teleport", no. Player controlled team leader gets new option in action menu - "Loot". If there is no enemy nearby, is some vehicle nearby TL and there are some corpses or simply weapons on the ground (weapon holders) around, then this action will make yours subordinates to harvest for you all this loot into car nearest to yours position (exclude items, binoculars, laserdesignators and NV goggles). If its trunk fills up, rest of loot is placed around vehicle as weapon holders (so you can take away full vehicle and bring another empty car, and repeat order and so on). This is rather crude makeshift, for now only slightly tested, not 100% reliable, with place for many improvements, I'm sure.

Here is script inside simpe demo and pbo addon (needs CBA), that makes this feature available for any mission, enjoy:
In demo script version is activated by Juliet radio channel (0-0-0), if used with pbo version, "Loot" option will be available at start).

1. Looters are running around, but there is no used animations for collect and drop process, because noticed, that any animation usage makes script less reliable, somehow animations usually are troublemaking;
2. When looting, radio confirmations are silenced, otherwise radio is spammed by running all the time here and there team members;
3. Make sure, that it is safe before start loot procedure - this shouldn't be interrupted by other orders before end, also at start team members leave own equipment on the ground to make room for loot. Only when harvest is done, they will pick up their weapons back;
4. It is not action-based, had random troubles with pickup/drop weapon/magazine actions, so decided to make own substitute from the scratch.

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