RAVEN released the Module AF (All Fuel)
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RAVEN has submitted the first release of his Module AF (All Fuel).

    Quote RAVEN :
    If we consider the different weapons, equipment and human endowments as the "muscles" of an armed force, continuing the analogy, we must admit that the fuel used to operate, should be treated as his "blood". Without it, nothing moves and in a modern battle, if something does not move, die!.

    Supply management and use of fuel is a major task of logistics in the field. Speaking of our beloved tactical simulator (ArmA, ARMA2, ARMA2: OA) fuel use is contemplated, but only noted in one game. The need has become so trivial and irrelevant to his failure was assimilated as an unwritten law for the community of players and publishers of missions.
    The possibilities offered by the scripting language of this wonderful simulator, have not been exploited as it should.

    So let's give new meaning to the fuel in the game (or at least try). Thus, the fuel distribution lines will become a priority target for any side. Each pilot will fly aircraft with an eye on the indicator of the level of their tanks. Flight plans to attack a position, should include the amount of fuel needed to reach, attack for a reasonable time and return safely. Tactical weapons load being transported, shall be calculated exactly. Carry more weapons, or classes that may not be necessary, would be very dangerous, because the weight "extra" of such weapons, is paid more fuel consumed. Encounters with tanker aircraft can be very necessary. The request for a shipment helitransportado or recharging from a tanker in the middle of the field can save our skin and thus, a long list of situations may arise that involve the use of this "blood of the war machine."

Module AF (All Fuel)

Operation Frenchpoint (OFrP) (only if you use the C-160 Transall)
JSDF MOD (only if you use the KC-767)
Community Base Addons (only if you use the C-130J or KC-130J)

Written on 2012-06-18 06:38 by RAVEN  

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