Introducing the Six Launcher and latest Six Updater news

Sickboy informed us about the newest release of the Six Updater and Six launcher version 2.9.7pre1.

    Quote Sickboy :
    The Six Launcher, recently introduced, is very easy to use, graphically pleasing and performing very fast.
    It's especially tailored towards MP mods, like DayZ.
    It is also the official supported and recommended way to get DayZ - A Persistent Zombie RPG.

    Several updates have been released recently:See the Six Updater changelog for more details.

    Last, but certainly not least, the Six Updater Network has expanded to nearly 20 nodes, sporting nearly 40 services (rsync and zsync) world wide.
    EU is now very well represented, while the US also has received a great upgrade recently.

    We are also still working very hard on the next-gen Six Updater suite, sporting similar ease of use and performance like the Launcher, with lots more to come.

Written on 2012-06-23 12:47 by Sickboy  

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