CWR² Demo³ Expansion - Cessna 182
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W0lle informed the community on the BI forums about the release of the CWR² Demo³ Cessna 182. The CWR² Cessna 182 is the second expansion for the CWR² Demo³, the first expansion which was released is the CWR² Demo³ Expansion - SCUD.
When you are interested to download this scud you will have to install and use the Six Updater, we do not host it here!

    Quote W0lle :
    Second 'DLC' now available on Six Updater. Please check the readme for details regarding the included Mission. Hopefully there are better pilots out there than the ones in our team.

    A big thanks to RKSL / Farles for the nice Cessna model!

    As always: Please report all issues you may encounter at our Community Bugtracker.

Written on 2012-06-25 08:59 by CWR2 PR  

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