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Requirements: MBG Killhouses, MBG Buildings 2, MBG Buildings 3 - European Theatre, MBG Generic African Buildings, German Town- and waysigns, Arma 2

Version: 1.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Napf is a mountain located in Switzerland.

Date: 2014-02-23 14:08

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Napf Island


After 2.5 years of work, I finally finished my Napf Island. It is a terrain for Arma2 OA that is 20.4km on 20.4km in size. While the norh part is rather flat and is the home of most of the big cities, the south is dominated by mountains, forests and wilderness. The map is based on real elevation data from a region in Switzerland, but the towns, roads and forests are highly fictionalized.

- Two big citys, 3 airfields, a lot of medium sized towns
- Several small islands off the main land, one of them houses a big military base
- A massive Water Dam with an electrical grid emerging from there
- Diverse landscape from the flat north with agriculture and bigger towns down to the high mountains of the south
- Tested in Multiplayer without serious bugs

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
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Included .pbo files:

Arma 3 usage:
You can use this island in Arma 3 when you use ArmA 3 Map Pack - A3MP.
However, you need to replace the aif_napfobjects.pbo or the game will crash on start. The fixed pbo can be downloaded here:

Known issues:
There are some other problems in Arma 3 usage though, like a distorted SatMap on distance and more.

Finished parts are obvious - rest is wip.
PLEASE REPORT BUGS in the BiForum or send me a pm.
Watch out for further updates.

- The terrain for my Napf-Island was made based on real DEM-Data with a 30m on 30m grid. The mountain "Napf" in reality is located in Switzerland (long/lat in Real World: +47°0/+7°56'). In the real
world, the south shore of my island is formed by the Lake of Brienz ("Brienzersee") and the Lake of Thun ("Thunersee").
- However, I squeezed about 100km on 100km of real terrain into a 25km on 25km map and I also smoothed the terrain. My Napf is not the real Napf in many aspects: I placed towns and roads where
I thought they made sence, not always on real places. The names of the towns and hills are a mix of faction and fiction, as indeed is the whole island.
- The work for this island started approximatly in August, 2011. However, I was busy bitching with Visitor3 for more than a month. Still, the work behind the island is insane. The town of Chatzbach,
for example, took me one day and one night in a row (I worked on Chatzbach 17 hours straight). I dont think I will finish the Island: Arma3 is on the horizon.
- However, I intend to end the island to the point where the main Ring Road (Chatzbach->Münchenstein->Muttenz->Lenzburg->Lausen) and the terrain surrounding the road is complete. This would
also include building the main town and an airport.

Credits & Thanks:
- My Clanmate Flattermann who became more and more a co-author
- Hotzenplotz from URR-Clan for his help with Visitor and Photoshop
- AngryInsects-Team for Beta-Testing and moral support (visit
- All clans and mods who played the Beta-Version, which motivated me to go on with the project
- Mondkalb for his buildings
- Bushlurker and others for many helpful posts in the Editing-Section of the bi-Forums
- shezan74 for WorldTools
- Marseille77 for the GermanWaysigns Addon.
- BIS for making Arma2

beta 3
- West Coast is almost finished. Some new Towns there (biggest of them is Worb), new villages, forests, ...
- Second Airfield, both Airfields have a working ILS now
- A massive Water Dam on the border of the Beta3, which brings some bugs (Arma2 does not like water), but looks impressive
- Fixed roads (AI uses them as they should)
- Some minor changes in the Beta1-Area (some more agriculture fields and some more trees and bushes between these fields)

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- MBG Killhouses (included)
- MBG Buildings 2 (included)
- MBG Buildings 3 - European Theatre (included)
- MBG Generic African Buildings (included)
- German Town- and waysigns (included)
- Arma 2

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