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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 16-07-2012

Date: 2012-07-17 08:39

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Kildar's A2F Coop Missions


I've been playing Arma 2 Free for about six months now, first starting off on TF Blackjack's graciously provided A2F Domination server. Then a few months ago I started scouring Armaholic and BIS Forums for all the A2F compatible missions I could find and hosting them on my own listen server. Some were great, some were bad. There was in particular this one mission pack with tons of simple missions with punny names* that was the source of hours of entertainment for myself and whoever managed to join me on my server. Last week, I made the jump into mission creation, and those same missions proved very helpful in getting me started.

Recently, I've been countering completely new players on my server who are mute until I give them the gift of speech by telling them "Press / to type." To these, I hope they stick with Arma despite it's high learning curve long enough to experience the moments of camaraderie when you're dragging buddies out of fire and screaming for someone to pop smoke, or the panic that ensues when your squad leader yells out "CONTACT 50 METERS!". Though I may someday crack open my wallet and purchase Combined Operations, or later this year, Arma 3, I also offer these A2F compatible missions in the hopes that that they find something more than the public madness (as fun as it was) of Domination, or looking at Arma solely for DayZ.

Mission content:
  • Co02 Switch and Bait v1.35
    Covert amphibious assault on Drakon Island

  • Co02 Widow's Pik v1.00 (NEW)
    Scale a mountain for the shot

  • Co05 Belly of the BMP v1.15
    Get smuggled into an enemy base (personal favorite)

  • Co05 Hedgetrimming v1.10 (NEW)
    Bushwhacking in the Old Fields of Chernarus

  • Co05 Pepper Spray v1.36
    Forest intel and demolitions raid

  • Co05 Premiere in Theater v1.10
    Utes I: Secure Strelka

  • Co05 Second Entendre v1.10
    Utes II: Push inland

  • Co07 Third Strike v1.00 (NEW)
    Utes III: Seize the airfield with CAS

  • Co07 Swamp Meet v1.06
    Contested amphibious assault on Otmel Island

  • Co10 The Long Haul v1.06
    Convoy mission from Balota to Elektrozavodsk

  • Co06 FOB Balota v1.15
    FOB showcase with SECOPs

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

  • Backpack script by Xeno added across the board
  • tweaks and fixes
  • three new missions

  • v07-07-2012
  • 3 new missions added
  • other missions updated

  • Notes:
    All v1.00 missions have been not been tested from start to end in a full multiplayer session, but there is no reason why they should not work. For Pepper Spray and Switch and Bait, I am also having troubles with getting scripts with addAction to work for all clients, and though I know this has been addressed many times there is quite the confusion as well. If anyone can help me with this, as well as provide feedback on any other issues or suggestions, it would be much appreciated.
    I am also trying to maintain a sort of continuity with my missions. Therefore, I intend to start most USMC missions from an FOB in Balota (derived from edgardeth's template) despite the fact that this will add about 200+kb of arguably unnecessary data and potentially long and buggy helicopter rides to each mission. However, this does give the chance for anyone who forgot some ammunition the chance to address this issue, and of course the cool factor counts as well. You will notice with some of my missions that the briefings (perhaps I wrote too much in them, but please do read them) also refer to previous missions as well.
    Finally, in my missions you will notice a lot of semi-dynamic clutter in my missions in order to address the painful lack of clutter in Chernarus and Utes (tress hardly count). Hopefully most of this turns out well and doesn't create too many clipped objects or disrupts AI pathfinding.
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    - BI forums

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