RINCEWINDER - Combat Effective Magick System updated
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Rydygier sent us the updated version of his RINCEWINDER - Combat Effective Magick System which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote Rydygier :
    RINCEWINDER: Combat Effective Magick System is a small, but quite spectacular overlay for Arma 2, that introduces magic into battlefield. In simple words: this script will give chosen in specified way team leaders (both, AI and player, via action menu) ability of casting spells. It is prepared for enrichment of SP gameplay.

    Magic is strange, is irrational, is beautiful, powerful, chaotic and deadly. Now you can check, what is better - 155 mm howitzer battery or meteor shower spell. M1A2 platoon or summoned Fire Elemental? Does a dragon has a chance in the face of Shilka? Magic is a new power in war, but it has its disadvantages and is sometimes capricious. Will not make normal weaponry/warfare obsolete. May be considered as handy addition, nothing more. Rincewinder: CEMS can be used as element of a new mission and also as enriching addition to the missions already made. Obviously this is not a realism booster, but rather a fun booster.

      - version 0.53 beta
      • fixed bug: mages never lost "near mana source" status.
      - version 0.52 beta
      • fixed bug with "swimming in the air" when teleport spell is used in the water;
      • slightly rebalanced AI spell usage of 1st level (less teleporting, more icestorming);
      • added two new init config arrays: spell blacklists for AI and for player;
      • updated manual content.

Written on 2012-07-05 21:51 by Rydygier  

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