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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.4

Short description: This script simplifies the process of establishing the defense of human settlements.

Date: 2012-07-12 19:46

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Arigato Defence Script


This is a script which simplifies the process of placing AI defenses in settlements. You do not have to manually set the soldiers in the city and ask them to conduct. Using this script you get entrenched in buildings, soldiers patrolled the city, civil, which can pick up weapons and join the battle and the women suicide bombers. Patrol bots are able to hold their own stationary tool. Unlike the manual placement of the defenders, the script will run each puts bots in different positions, as a result of the passage of each mission will have a certain element of surprise.

The script defines the six types of behavior of bots:
1. Patrols, walk to the city limits.
2. Entrenched in the homes of soldiers who can run out the attack.
3. Entrenched in the homes of the soldiers that rush out at the approach of the enemy.
4. Entrenched in the homes of soldiers who do not leave their position.
5. Civilians walking in the city can find a weapon with a corpse and attack the enemy.
6. Women go to the city limits. If a Muslim woman, she can blow himself up along with the enemy.

Installation / Usage:
1. In init.sqf mission connect script: call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers "script\defence.sqf";
2. Put a marker in the center of the city, giving it a name, such as "argt_shukurkalay".
3. We place on the map of groups that will participate in the defense of the city, giving the names of their commanders, for example, argt_leader1, ...
4. We arrange group of civilians (men and women). Groups should have a defensive side, but not CIV. This can be either manually set the file mission mission.sqm, or put in a group commander of the fighter required by the rank of colonel, and with the probability of the presence of 0%.
5. Below init.sqf add a line placing defenders for the following positions:
[[argt_leader1, argt_leader2, argt_leader3, argt_leader4, argt_leader5, argt_leader6, argt_leader7],
  [argt_civ1, argt_civ2, argt_civ3, argt_civ4],
  getmarkerpos "argt_shukurkalay", 150] call ARGT_DEFENCE_POSITION;
[argt_leader1, ..., argt_leader6] - a list of all team leaders.
[argt_civ1, ..., argt_civ4] - a list of units in groups of civilians.
getmarkerpos "argt_shukurkalay" - to patrol the city center.
150 - the radius of the city to patrol.

All you can run a mission, and storm the city.

The demo missions:.
In the demo mission you have to storm the village there is a barricaded gunmen. The number of attackers and defenders: 80 to 50 people. In the village of 20 civilians (15 males and 5 females). 0-0-0 radio commands will show the remaining number of fighters. You can switch between the blue medic, red bone setters and a reporter.

The script has not been tested in multiplayer!


- The main innovation: bots learn to use the stationary gun
- In addition many small improvements.

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