Week report #269
Work in progress

* Arma 2 - Interaction Scripts

    Glowbal released a new video showing the progress he made with his Interaction Scripts.

      Quote Glowbal :
      Some of the new features:
      - Different behaviours set when talking to a civilian
      - Car bombs
      - (un)Load detainees in vehicles now works in MP

      There is a massive to do list or rather things I want to add, but I will only post up a few I am currently working on:
      - Insurgents (spotters, etc)
      - Ability to order a civilian/car to stop
      - Better carbombs (based on presence or timer, rather then having to search a car as demostrated in video)

      I also ran a few tests on a dedicated with around 15 players and there wasn't any noticable performance drop on either clients or server. Bigger tests with 60+ players are yet to follow and will give me some better results on whatever there is anything wrong or if it all works fine.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - MAFCExt

    W4lkn posted a couple of new screenshots showing the latest work from the studio MAF.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - RKSL Studios

* Arma 2 - MCAGCC 29 Palms

    Since 2007 phaeden has been working on his MCAGCC 29 Palms island and he has come to a state where he can announce a beta should be available soon.
    To show his work he released a whole bunch of screenshots and below you can view a selection.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Advanced Combat Sound Environment

    tpM released a new video of some grenade sounds (mainly placeholders).

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Real Car Alarms

    A-SUICIDAL is working on a car alarm script and released a video showing his first work.

    - BI forums

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* Arma 2 - Crusades/Medieval Mod

    Icewindo released a new video showing some new scripted features like the cutting body parts of in combat. It is not likely this will stay activated by default in the final since its pretty gory!

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - The Lost Brothers Mod

    namman2 posted some wip screens of the Namer Mk2 APC, orignally made by jake morag.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Conspiracies LOST

    Sled88 informed the community he started working on the next in the Conspiracies series, Conspiracies LOST.

      Quote Sled88 :
      Today I want to introduce Conspiracies LOST to you. This time it is an completly new way we want to go with this one. I lay focus on the psychological aspect of the mod, fear and so on. The shooting went to the background. Let's say you will have 3 out of 10 missions where you will have to shoot. The others ones can be solved in using your brain and be clever. You don't know how to climb that wall? Why not building something which can help you with this? I mean try to imagine you are in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, in the moutains, it is cold, windy, it is dark, you can not see anything through the blizzard and you hear some strange sounds in the distance. You are following the red glowing lights on the ground to move between one station and another... Suddenly someone appear infront of you and says "Come here" and is disappearing again. This is the way Conspiracies LOST is made.

      Some short infos, because I dont want to tell that much, I think the story, atmosphere and location is one of the highlights in Conspiracies LOST:
        - location: Alaska up in the moutains
        - Year 2013
        - reason why you are there? Rescue-squad which respond to an SOS-Call from one of the research stations there
        - Research-stations belongs to the project HAARP

      Of course I wouldn't let you read this without showing some stuff from Conspiracies LOST

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - ST Addons

    Abs posted some new screens showing the planets which can be used for example with cutscenes.

    - BI forums

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