Gibbet's Team Level Movement Planner version 2.0 released
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Caxton Gibbet informed us he released an updated version of his Gibbet's Team Level Movement Planner on the BI forums.

    Quote Caxton Gibbet :
    Team Level, meaning a unit or units within the players group.
    Movement planner, The ability to place seperate waypoint sets for teams, in real time, within the game map.

    No module placment required by the mission builder. The system is available to the player in any mission* at anytime whilst they are leader of a group with living subordinates.

    * One Major downside is that the system will not function on the ARMA2 maps Chernarus and Utes. It works just fine on all Arrowhead maps and most user made maps I have tested.Reason is Unknown! (See Lists in LIMITATIONS\ISSUES section).

    NO Multiplayer support,not designed for online play.

    Set up co-ordinated flanking attacks or pincer movements quickly and easily. Move teams into position via defined routes. Set up patrols with defined routes.

    More information on the downloadpage!

    • Fixed-Addon breaking on some maps

Written on 2012-09-16 14:56 by Caxton Gibbet  

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