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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 2.0
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Short description: Team Level, meaning a unit or units within the players group. Movement planner, The ability to place seperate waypoint sets for teams, in real time, within the game map.

Date: 2012-09-16 14:54

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Gibbet's Team Level Movement Planner

Caxton Gibbet

Team Level, meaning a unit or units within the players group.
Movement planner, The ability to place seperate waypoint sets for teams, in real time, within the game map.

No module placment required by the mission builder. The system is available to the player in any mission* at anytime whilst they are leader of a group with living subordinates.

NO Multiplayer support,not designed for online play.

If you're not put off by the above,read on..

Set up co-ordinated flanking attacks or pincer movements quickly and easily. Move teams into position via defined routes. Set up patrols with defined routes.

Each waypoint can be of a type.
1.Move:- Move to this position.
2.Wait:- Wait at this position for Player input.
3.Patrol:- final waypoint of a set to create a cycling patrol route.

Each waypoint Type can have a speed setting of either Limited, Normal or Full.
A behaviour Setting of either Stealth, Danger, Aware or Safe.
A Rules Of Engagment (ROE) setting of either Fire At Will (Free), Defend or Never Fire.

There is no waypoint limit and no team\unit limit.Have as many teams as men available and as many waypoints as your plans require.

Each set of waypoints is coloured in acordance with the games team assignment system, Set one are red,set two are green and so on.If you create a sixth set of waypoints the sequance begins again,set six are red,set seven are green,set eight are get the picture.

A placed waypoint defaults as:- MOVE, NORMAL, AWARE, FiRE AT WILL.
Changes to TYPE are reset every time,back to 'MOVE'.
Changes to ROE are reset every time,back to 'FREE'.
Changes to SPEED are NOT reset.
Changes to BEHAVIOUR are NOT reset.

Waypoint orders are executed while traveling TOWARDS the waypoint.
For example, if waypoint 1 has speed walk and waypoint 2 has speed run and waypoint 3 has speed walk, then the units will walk to waypoint 1 then run to waypoint 2 then walk to waypoint 3.

The orders applied to a 'wait' waypoint are the orders the units will wait under,following waypoint orders apply once the move on order is given by the player.
For example if a 'wait' waypoint has a 'never fire' order then the units will wait with a 'never fire' order.

Pathfinding to each waypoint is controlled by the Ai.The greater the gap between waypoints the less control you have over the route taken.

Units within a team may take different routes around smaller buildings and clutter.

Wait waypoints are useful for co-ordinating attacks.They are also useful for conducting tasks within a plan.
For example,placing a satchel, or any other actions available via the commanding system.
Once the task is complete just move the plan along.

'Never Fire' order means just that.Unlike the hold fire order available in the command system units will not fire even if threatened.
This order sets combatmode to 'BLUE'.
A waypoint with a 'never fire' order will have an ! attached to it.

Once a plan is set it cannot be added to or altered,only cancelled. Finish all the planning before you exit the map as exiting the map finalizes the plan. A plan must be executed before it can be cancelled.

You may or maynot have noticed the lack of any formation setting for the waypoints. Unfortunatly I can't find a way to assign a differnt formation at a team level,group formation applys.

A quick word on the UI that is used in the map screen,its ugly plain and simple.
It does, however, fuction just as I want it to and so prettying it up is a low priority for me, not least because its somthing i'd need to spend more time learning how to do.
If you are someone who is adept at this sort of thing and would like to donate a better UI. You would have my thanks, and a credit of course.

There is no real vehicle support at the moment, although, vehicles placed already manned may function to some degree or may just go to the first waypoint and stop.

Feedback is greatly appreciated,as are bug reports ofcourse.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:

Usage instructions:
1.Open the map,Select a unit or units and press your planner key to assign them to the system.
2.Place a Waypoint by clicking on the map.
3.Set the waypoint orders using the interface. Press DONE when you are ready to set the waypoint.
4.Repeat steps 2&3 as required. To delete the last waypoint press your Planner Key.
5.When you've placed the last of a teams waypoints,and it is NOT a Patrol waypoint, click within the Orange halo (Zoom in!) of the last waypoint to finalize them. Patrol waypoints set automaticaly.
6.Repeat steps 1 to 5 for other teams.
7.When your plan is ready EXIT THE MAP.
8.Execute your plan using your planner key with NO units selected.
To cancel your plan press your planner key again with NO units selected.
To advance a team through a 'Wait' Waypoint select that teams leader and press your planner key.

The system requires you have one available key for mapping in the game options.
A second key is required for using the ingame instructions.This second key is optional.
To map your keys please follow these instructions:-
1.Start the game.
2.Goto "OPTIONS".
3.Goto "CONTROLS".
4.Set the key filter at the top to "CUSTOM CONTROLS".
5.Assign a key to "Use Action 17". This will be your PLANNER KEY.
6.(Optional)Assign a key to "Use Action 16". This will be your Help key. To turn on the ingame instructions press and hold whilst outside the map until you see the confirmation in the top right of the screen.
These instructions will now appear in the map screen.
Repeat the above to turn them off.

Known issues:
The Addon maynot initiate on some custom units.However as long as atleast one unit within the mission is of a compatable type (eg. any vanilla units) the addon will initiate on the players unit.

Credits & Thanks:
Bis for all these great games.
You,yes you buddy, for taking an interest.
The great BIS modding community.

- Fixed-Addon breaking on some maps

- Initial Release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base Addons

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