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Requirements: Arma 2, FDF Podagorsk, The Undead Mod, Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps
Island(s): FDF Podagorsk
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.965

Date: 2012-08-06 07:55

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This is a dynamic and random zombie simulation on FDF's Podagorsk. It is based off of the Undead Mod by Charon. Currently, it is mostly a large sandbox styled SP mission, but in the future it may become more structured, something along the lines of the STALKER series (but I'm likely done with development now).

Zombie groups of varying composition will spawn randomly throughout southern Podagorsk, as well as marauding bands of civilian resistance, local militia fighters, and Russian special forces. You are not alone, however, as you start with your hunting buddy. As foreigners in this area, however, you might as well be zombies as far as the other humans are concerned. There are some Western blackops teams at work, though, so perhaps you can find and join one of their teams (the black camo'd guys with armalites).

The goal (for now) is to simply survive as long as you can and get off the peninsula. If you want, you can search each "danger zone" for a radio operator. Pick up important reports off of each. Once you have found all 5 operators, you will be eligible for extraction. Check the map for the location. Go there, call in a helicopter, and escape. You will need to overcome hundreds of zombies and armed humans, not to mention your own basic needs of thirst and hunger.

  • Dynamic zombie/opfor/blufor spawns throughout southern Podagorsk that change between night/day and shift randomly in number throughout both periods.
  • Dynamic and randomized city zombie spawns when in range of a major area.
  • Dynamic weather system that changes its probabilities throughout the day.
  • Fog system that settles in at night (from Fog Script by Rockhount).
  • Health FX system for deteriorated health.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • 100+ random ammo crate spawns throughout the map (look in houses/backyards/buildings), each with randomized sets of weapons/supplies.
  • Hunger and thirst systems.
  • Sleep ability (includes healing).
  • Radio options.
  • Heavily customizable and commented init.sqf variables for those so inclined to personalize their experience.
  • Randomized starting location and time.
  • Survivalist approach.
  • Fuel siphoning for use in vehicles.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    The primary goal of this mod is realistic survival fun mixed with high replayability. For the second point, heavy randomnization and dynamism mean that each time you restart, things should play out much differently. You can approach the scenario in different ways as well, and the ability to recruit other blufor units to your group (if their group is equal in size or smaller than yours) means you can amass a small army if you want.

    You will start with a hunting rifle, a pistol, a watch, food and water (M203 rounds), and some simple tasks. You can progress through weaponry, although finding good weapons can be difficult. Optics are very hard to come by, and THERE ARE NO NVGOGGLES ANYWHERE. Good luck at night... Your first priorities should be to find better weapons, a radio, and a map, unless you start after 3:30PM, then your first priority is to find somewhere to sleep. This can be a challenge with many starts... The last two (maps and radios) will only be found on dead opfor/blufor, and the first generally are found there also, so walking towards the gunfire is generally a sure bet if you're lost. With a radio, you can ask your teammates for more accurate enemy locations (0-0-1), and you can call in to the other blufor squads (0-0-2) to find their current whereabouts. The map is also absolutely essential in finding the missing radio operators, as each task notes where their last gridref was. Once you have this set, you can start building up your assets, finding better weapons and binoculars, fueling up a car, and taking on the radio operator tasks.

    Recommended mods:
    My "skymod" mod really, really adds to the atmosphere, plus the weather system is designed around it. Highly suggested you use it, especially as the low clouds (which the mod removes) crap up when in fast time (which is activated at 8x in this mod).

    Also highly suggested is ASR_AI, RWS, and blastcore. The immersion you will get from the latter two (hearing weapon reports all around you at 800m+, seeing smoke, etc all around) really add to this scenario.

    Future plans:
    I had a lot planned, but hey, I'm unlikely to get around to any of it. I might alter the spawning so it ramps up more and starts easier, because as-is the starts can be brutal and short.

    Known issues:
    - There was a random crash due to "out of memory" after a few hours of gameplay once (unwilling to fix an isolated issue)
    - A civ OPFOR squad was seen without weapons once (unwilling to fix an isolated issue)
    - Squad members get stuck in a position sometimes and won't move (unrelated to mission?)

  • altered gas station script as the previous one was not working fully. Now cars will refuel at the station, but driving them away will return the amount to as it was before. Still can be exploited in a way, but it's more difficult now.
  • removed fuel actions for dead vehicles
  • switched spawn rates for day/night for zombies as they were backwards
  • changed ramping up of zed/opfor difficulty to 50-115. Before it was way too low due to an error.
  • moved the ramping script 3 seconds earlier in the starting script sequence so it would run before the initial zombie limits were set and initial creature spawns occured. Before, it was not, so at the start full spawn rates were occuring.
  • moved a few possible radio operator locations to avoid clipping through objects and being near impossible to find therefore
  • reduced starting backpack loadout for less water/food
  • fixed the starting script that set fuel/damage for all vehicles. It was broken before, resulting in fully fueled or full health cars

  • Credits & thanks:
    Huge thanks to the FDF guys for Podagorsk. There's a reason I chose it: it's an amazing map (and the perfect size). Also huge thanks to Charon for his Undead Mod. Obviously, this wouldn't exist without it, and he did a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of the content you'll see, even if his team wasn't included in this mod/scenario at all. Thanks to SchnapsdroSel and Rockhount for their included mods (Desert Mercenaries and Blackops, the Fog Script), they added a lot of immersion to this, again without any direct involvement though. If I forgot an included mod, let me know! The creation process for this has been quite long and drawn out over a few different periods, so my memory isn't perfect.

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