COWarModACE - An Arma2: CO version of WarMod made compatible with ACE.
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***** Update *****

Günter Severloh sent us a small patch which will fix the "SLX.hpp not found" error.
See below for the downloadlink.


Günter Severloh submitted his COWarModACE.
COWarModACE is the Full version of COWarMod version 1.2 made compatible with the ACE mod for Arma2: Combined Operations.

    Quote Günter Severloh :
    COWarMod is a Massive customizable compilation mod built for Arma2CO aka Combined Operations.
    The mod is a massive collection of the Arma2 mods that work in OA, and all the Arma2CO (OA) mods.
    COWarMod is about AI enhancement, game fixes, gameplay features, effects, explosions, tracers, movement, realism, and many many other misc features not in the vanilla game.
    The size of the mod is 190 addons and mods already in the @COWarMod addons folder, and for the purpose of customization you have an extra optional 150+ addon/mods and tweaks to add to the game.

    COWarModACE is the Full version of COWarMod v 1.2 made compatible with ACE mod for Arma2CO, the mod still may have bugs, or files in it that may conflict with ACE's features, but overall has has been tested the mod is stable and playable.

    If there are any bugs or features in ACE that are not working as they should please report your findings on the COWarModACE thread to locate the file that is causing the conflicts.
    Please report them in the COWarModACE Release thread.

Written on 2012-07-26 23:06 by Gunter Severloh  

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