Author: granQ & subroc
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 20120729 RC1

Short description: Works like the BIS ACM module to spawn units around the player but works for any addon.

Date: 2012-07-29 19:53

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EBSS - Epic Battlefield System

granQ & subroc

Works like the BIS ACM module to spawn units around the player but works for any addon. Added support to use with Rydygiers excellent "HETMAN AI Commander" (HAC). EBSS will do the spawning of units. HAC will control the war
Added some additional features to be able to tweak the module behaviour. If used without hac you can place as many modules as you computer can handle, if used with HAC the number of HAC commanders are as many as HAC allows (8).
but you can still add modules not controlled by HAC.

Installation / Usage:
Includes two tech demo missions, one with HAC, one without.

Place a Function module in the map.
Place a unit from the faction you would like to spawn and a GameLogic in the editor and sync them together, name the GL something like "EBS1". (If used together with HAC you need to name the units according to HAC naming standards and place the appropiate HAC logics). Add the following line in the GL init:
0 = this execvm "epic_battle_system\init.sqf"
this: the Logic object representing the EBS.
Additional parameters to set via setvariable:
this setvariable ["maxunits", 100];
Max number of units active at the same time by the module. Default=100
this setvariable ["townradius", 500];
Maximal distance to scan for towns to capture. Default=5000
this setvariable ["orbat", 500];
Maximal number of units this module will spawn. Default=9999
this setvariable ["debug", true];
Will generate debug information in sidechat: module name, units alive, max number of spawned units at the same time, number of units left (orbat). Default=false
this setvariable ["minspawndist", 100];
If enemy is with x Meters EBS module will not spawn units. Default=50
this setvariable ["hacenabled", true];
Will enable HAC functionalty for the EBS module (Require leaders and gamelogics named according to HAC standards). Default=false
this setvariable ["hacautoplace", true];
Will place HAC objectives randomly in all locations found within townradius var (Require "hacenabled" variable to be true). Default=false
this setVariable ["planes", false, true];
Will prevent the module from spawning planes, avaliable parameters are:
    - planes
    - helicopters
    - tanks
    - apc
    - trucks
    - infantry
    - patrols

The HAC demomission is based on HETMAN 1.1 wip4, but EBSS should run fine with any version of HAC

Credits & Thanks:
granQ - For making the original EBS Module
Rydygier - For the excellent HAC script (I can not say this enough)
theOden - For protips and unfuxxing my bad coding
Modified for standalone use, and added features by: subroc

20120729 RC1
- Added HAC support, many of the variables, removed arty units from spawning

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