Author: Bohemia Interactive
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Version: 1.0

Short description: The lite version of the brand new Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic DLC.

Date: 2012-07-31 14:24

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Arma 2: Combined Operations compatibility MP patch (ACR lite)

Bohemia Interactive
Copyright (c) 2009 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

The lite version of the brand new Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic DLC lets you try out all new content except for the missions. Please note that this sample incorporates a lower resolution textures and lesser sound quality than the full DLC.

This free update is sponsored by, the online store where you can buy all Arma 2 series titles and other games directly from the developers.

This update is for all versions of Arma 2: Combined Operations (1.62 or higher)!

- Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically.
- It will install all content of the patch to the folder with your Arma 2: Combined Operations installation.
- Please note that it is not possible to rollback to a previous version after the installation of this patch, only a full reinstall of the game is possible, if you want to keep your previous version you may want to backup the entire game installation folder before applying this patch.

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