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Here is a new one in the Armaholic video tutorials and guides news series in which we, on a weekly basis, feature a video tutorial or guide made by a community member.

    Quote Oksman :
    The first video handles the new system for handeling the weapons inside ground vehicles while the second video shows the new system for handeling the weapons brought to you by the ACE mod.
    Really nice stuff to use in every situation, apache may not be good air-air, but air-to-ground hell yes! Best CAS ever!
    The third video is a small guide on how to play the game. This is for all the new players out there and it covers the following:
    • How to move
    • How to shoot
    • How to pick up gear
    • How to use the actionbar
    • How to drive
    Hope you enjoyed my videos again, please like, share and subscribe!

We invite anyone who has made or has planned to make a video tutorial or guide to submit their videos which we will review and post about here in the news!
The tutorial or guide can cover any aspect of Arma 2! That means it could be a video explaining all features of a certain addon or mod, a script or a gamemode or a video explaining the basics or specific elements of mission editing.
Video guides made to help mastering the game, for example flying or any other gameplay related aspect of the Arma series are very welcome to help add new as well as veteran players!
Any well made and well documented video can be submitted and if this becomes a widely used and appreciated item we will also increase the frequency of these news items.

Written on 2012-08-01 09:54 by Armaholic  

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