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Requirements: Weapons pack, South Sahrani Island
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-08-13 07:14

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Arma Ghost Recon

PARAISO ATTACK OERATION. GHOST leader, you are the final attempt to take control of Paraiso before we send the heavy armored troops, and cause more dommage in the city. yesterday the president told us, we must preserve Paraiso more we can do, and limited the aircraft attacks, so you mission is to clean the battlefield.

The insertion point is in enemy territory; ECHO, BRAVO, PALADIN ONE and CROSSROAD teams will be your eyes and assistances on the site during the operation. You have 4 checkpoints and one priority, your radio code name is FOXTROT. An other word, the air support could be sometimes leave the zone. don't care about this.

-Street battlefield area.
-Street combat action.
-Music from GR, GR desert siege, GRAW.
-GRAW design in-game and tltle.
-voices, intro, cutscenes.

-Extract the file and put the "ARMA%20GHOST%20RECON.map_ssara.pbo" in "C:\Program Files\ArmA\Missions" .
-Open"ADDONS" and put the pbo files in "C:\Program Files\ArmA\AddOns".
-Open "ADDONS\Extra Recommend" and follow the instruction in the readme.

For installation of addons Armaholic advices to use mod folders. For an extensive "how to" we advice you to read FAQ.

Videos made of beta versions!

MapFact team for the island
Hedcrusha for his view
DMarkwick for his smoke effect
Madmedic for Arfrica militia unit

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