Armed Forces of the Russian Federation version 0.1.6 released
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Soul_Assassin from the Red Hammer Studios released version 0.1.6 of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the BI forums.
There is also a small patch available if you already have installed version 0.1.5 so you do not have to re-download the whole package again.

    Quote :
    A few days after the release of 0.1.5 we decided to follow up with version 0.1.6 which fixes some important issues noticed by our fans. We felt that these were critical not to delay until 0.2. Here you can see the changelog:

    This version does not require ACE! It works fine with vanilla A2: CO just as intended, but when you play with ACE the weapons and armor start using the ACE damage system as well as some vehicles get the ability to use ACE FCS.

    • Fixed URAL and UAZ decal MP multiplicity bug
    • Fixed T-80 gunner sights
    • Fixed BMD-2M gunner sights
    • ATGM flight velocity now more realistic
    • Heavyweapons inheritance improved
    • BMP-2 2A42 now can be zeroed
    • BMP PKT boxes now hold 2×1000 rounds
    • 9M113 ATGMs reset to reload at 30s

Written on 2012-10-23 09:07 by Soul_Assassin  

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