Week report #274
Work in progress

* Arma 2 - Army of the Czecho-Slovakia republic 1938-1945

    petrtlach released some new wip screens on the BI forums.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - RKSL Studios: Selex Enforcer II Remote Weapons System

    RKSL-Rock released a new update of the Remote Weapons System Messiah is working on.

      Quote :
      This is the Selex Enforcer II Remote Weapons System model made by Messiah that he showed you back in week 25. This time its been fully unwrapped and Rock is in the middle of texturing it.

      The renders are from Modo, with a very simple environment. Nothing too special but its the pre bake version which uses 5 textures and about 20 materials. This should all be baked down to a single tile.

      You'll have to excuse the crappy ammo feed link its going to be replaced with a high poly model later on.

    - RKSL: Studios forums
    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Sympathy for the Devil

    sethofchaos released a new video and screenshot of his new campaign with new addons he is working on.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Warthog ATV

    Alasdair released a video showing the basic interior and the tracks. Additionally he released a screen of the new RPG cage he added to it.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    released some screens of the medevac version of the UH-60L.

    - BI forums

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* Arma 2 - Bundeswehr Flecktarn Troops

    Marseille77 released some screens of his updated Bundeswehr Flecktarn Troops.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - J.S.R.S.

    LordJarhead released 2 new videos. In the first video you can hear the new environment sounds for JSRS.
    In the second you hear the new movement sounds.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Mi-28

    exall released a few renders of his newest project, the Mi-28.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - MARSOC Marine Special Operations Team

    Meatball0311 posted some new screenshots of his MARSOC units.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Boeing/SOAR MH-47E

    konyo showed his progress he made with the Boeing/SOAR MH-47E.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Leopard 2a6 hel

    Aplion released some screens of the custom optics for the commander and the gunner of the Leopard 2a6 hel.
    Additonally he released a video showing the destruction effects.

    - BI forums

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