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Version: 1.8

Short description: This is a Log Parser for ARMA2.

Date: 2012-08-22 19:21

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Cheat Finder


This is a Log Parser for ARMA2.

I'd like to introduce my server tool CheatFinder, which hunts down cheats reported in your scripts.log.
I hope to make the program more efficient and continue to learn about how BE and log files work. I would also like to extend the functionality to other files types in future but I am doing a lot of research for that.

The program uses a custom database, which works a bit like scripts.txt but without leading Numbers (used to set the option for that cheat) You are fully welcome to add to it, as its just text. Or even use your own scripts.txt. The program will parse 2 characters from a custom scripts.txt so they have to be formatted in the normal way.

- you can also easily run your logs against a custom scripts.log
- take out the chore of reading scripts.log but it also reads files with the same format like remoteexec.log
- you can run it with a custom scripts.txt

Tested on Windows 7 64bit. However the app is 32bit so should be fine on most.
Not sure on non-english languages. Need more testing.

Please also refrain from banning everyone that gets detected outright. This program is for identifying potential issues, which then need to be checked manually before any action is taken.

Also it's more or less a beta and probably prone to mistakes until it has been perfected.

do not post giant chunks of your logs in a public forum! They contain personal info, IP's and GUID's of potentially innocent players.

- Now displays Estimated time to complete.
- Fixed resize not adjusting objects correctly.
- Command line and sessions fixes.

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