Author: Tonic
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.1

Short description: This is a Fast time FSM that supports JIP and also syncs clients with the server so that they stay in sync and don't off-sync.

Date: 2013-02-12 08:29

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MP Fast time FSM - JIP Compatible


This is a Fast time FSM that supports JIP and also syncs clients with the server so that they stay in sync and don't off-sync. This is something that I have built for a mission I am developing called Wasteland and would like to share with the community to help new mission makers looking for such a feature to easily implement into their missions.

- Fast time
- JIP Compatibility
- Faster/Slower Night Cycle
- Client -> Server sync every 10 minutes

Installation / Usage:
Interval: Minutes to Skip
Bool: False to use skipTime true to use setDate
Night Cycle: false to disable fast night true to enable fast night
[Interval,Bool, Night Cycle] execFSM "core_time.fsm";

Notes on Night Cycle:
If you set the night cycle to True by default the night cycle will double up on the current interval, if you want a custom night cycle interval then you would do:
[5,false,true,7] execFSM "core_time.fsm";
If you make the night cycle value lower then the primary interval then your night cycle will be slower thus making the night last longer.

Notes on skipTime/setDate:
In this update of the FSM I added the ability to use either the skipTime command, or the setDate command to make time go by faster. Below are notes on Skiptime from the wiki.
skipTime does not actually estimate weather changes beyond moving the clouds across the sky. Weather counters continue as if no time has passed. The setDate command can be used instead of skiptime to change the time without
the visual give-away of the lower clouds jumping.

Skip 5 minutes, use skipTime, no custom night cycle:
[5,false,false] execFSM "core_time.fsm";
Skip 5 minutes, use setDate, enable faster night cycle (no params) making time at night go by 10 instead of 5:
[5,true,true] execFSM "core_time.fsm";
Skip 5 minutes, uses setDate, enable Night Cycle (with params) making time at night go by 7 instead of 5:
[5,true,true,7] execFSM "core_time.fsm";

If players are still receiving the stuttering issue have them send me their RPT log! The safety check system is experimental and I have no idea if it will actually make a difference, it checks to see if the player is getting less then 35 FPS. I myself can't test it because my system is high end.

- fixed a variable would go nil

- Added: Safety check put in for clients that get 'stuttering' issues.
- Added: Ability to use skipTime or setDate.
- Added: Night Cycle making it faster or slower depending on configuration.

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