ShackTac Interact by Dslyecxi released
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Dslyecxi released the ShackTac Interact mod on the BI forums.
The ShackTac Interact mod was made to allow easy group merging as well as leadership changing in the Advanced Combat Environment mod.

    Quote Dslyecxi :
    ShackTac Interact is a small addon I created awhile back for our in-house use, which has been asked for by other communities and is now being made public.
    The ShackTac Interact mod is intended to allow for easy group merging and leadership changing in the ACE2 mod.

    ShackTac Interact requires ACE2 and CBA. Note that a server (or mission) must allow this addon for it to function. ShackTac Interact introduces two new features, as follows:
    • Join Player Group:
        This option becomes available when you walk up to a player and press your interact key. You will see a ST-orange 'ShackTac' menu item - click on this, and you will have a 'Join their group' option. When you select this, you immediately join that player's group. Note that this only works on players, not AI.
    • Take command of current group:
        Press your self interact key and you will see 'ShackTac Self' as an option - click it and you will have an option to take command of your current group. This can be used if you were wounded as an FTL or otherwise lost command for some reason. This can also be used in the event that the order of seniority gets out of whack and somebody out-of-order needs to assume group leadership.

Written on 2012-08-29 10:33 by Dslyecxi  

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