MCAGCC 29 Palm public beta 2 released
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phaeden released an updated public beta of his MCAGCC 29 Palms island on the Armaholic forums.
This terrain is based on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center base in California.

    Quote phaeden :
    This map is technically still in BETA as there are some things that are not yet complete but it is nearly done.

    As for changes, there are many but the highlights are:
    • Updated models (improvements and enhancements) - I've compromised the low poly count of the first models with a call for higher poly buildings
    • mountain terrain is more rugged in the central mountain region (as a test) and makes it much harder to drive a vehicle through the actual mountains - it also makes fighting against infantry all that much harder and more rewarding
    • additional settlements and significant changes to former built up areas
    • reworked the satmap and heightmap for better alignment and more realistic looking terrain
    • all addon files now have BI signatures¬®-list*
    • I've been working on some missions but they are not quite yet ready for a release as well (I could use some testers if anyone is interested). If you are willing to help with making missions, please let me know and I will include them in a mission pack to be released soon. Also, if you're a mission maker that would grant me permission to modify your mission for this terrain, please just let me know.

      If you're part of a large squad based group (e.g. ShackTac, 15th MEU, 1st MSOB) and have missions you'd like me to convert, please just let me know where I can download the missions and I will work on converting them.

      As always, your feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated. Hopefully, you'll see how former input from you has resulted in changes to this version.

Written on 2012-12-24 08:17 by phaeden  

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