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Requirements: No addons required

Version: public beta 2
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Short description: This terrain is based on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center base in California.

Date: 2012-12-24 08:17

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MCAGCC 29 Palms


This contains the MCAGCC 29 Palms island and buildings.

This terrain is based on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center base in California. I have been working on this terrain/buildings since 2007 (on and off as the demands of being a responsible adult are often at odds with desires to build addons for a game).

Please note that this is not a 1-to-1 direct translation of real world to game. There are differences. The overall “feel” is representative of the real base but I’ve taken creative license and added and removed some things to either improve gameplay or keep me from going insane. For example, I have created a lot of custom buildings but I have not created (or even attempted to create) every type of building found on the base or in the nearby civilian areas. You will also quickly note that the buildings are not the most detailed or prettiest buildings around. This was done intentionally to keep the poly count low so you can increase the number of buildings and the draw distance without a drop in frame rates.

If you’ve had the pleasure (and I use that term very loosely) of spending time at the Stumps, you will notice a number of differences. Some of these differences are obviously beyond the scope of the game (e.g. the wonderful, late afternoon odor of Lake Bandini, the dry, scorching (or freezing) air and the omnipresent sand and dust). Other things, like the natural wonder that is Camp Wilson is modeled but will likely not be how you remembered it. You should, however, hopefully be reminded of many of the things you loved about that place.

The island is generally comprised of several areas:
  • towns and residential areas
      - about half of the developed areas are based on real locations and aligned with satellite imagery
      - the other half is fictional but also based on real town layouts
      - there is also a large “desert” residential area in the southwest area of the map based on real data
  • military training areas
      - includes realistic buildings and layouts (MOUT)
      - firing ranges
  • airfields (ranging from very large and well developed to simple, single strips)
  • mountains and hills
  • flat areas
Again, my overall goal is to provide players with a lot of space that can be used for combined arms combat. I am hopeful that with all the amazing mission makers and dedicated teams, people will be able to have some truly awesome experiences on the terrain. With the low poly buildings and incredible view distances, I am hoping that truly unique missions are even more possible than with most/many other islands available (there’s nothing like calling in CAS that is flying at 1 mile up that can see the same target you see).

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
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Included .pbos:

Sample Mission:
Airport Template 1: (download this file only if you plan on needing airfields with lighting for your missions – by default there are no lights on any of the airfields).

Known issues:
Please, please, please, keep in mind that this is a BETA – I know it is not complete. There are still known issues with the terrain and the buildings (such as bushes on roads, an occasional telephone pole sticking through a building, the damage values and rates of building destruction (they currently just disappear from existence when destroyed) and the AI not taxiing properly at the main airfield.) Additionally, most of the buildings are not as complete as I would prefer. Some of the buildings are still very basic.

Author notes:
I have two main goals for this Beta:
- First, I would like for people to play and provide feedback (positive as well as negative). This feedback can come in several forms:
    Case 1 – you just complain about the … (fill in the blank). If that’s the case, I will smile, nod my head and move on.
    Case 2 – you complain but make general recommendations on improvement. In this case, I will smile, nod my head, make a general note somewhere and may, one day, actually get around to improving things in a general way.
    Case 3 – you point out things you like and a few that you don’t, along with specific recommendations on how to improve things. In this instance, I will note what you say, open the terrain or the building models/config and see if I can immediately fix things.
    Case 4 – you clearly state a specific issue, with specific steps to correct or improve. This case makes me happy. I will certainly look at your recommendations and will likely implement the recommendations right away.
    Case 5 – (this one is my favorite) – you see something that you can fix, you fix it, send me the fix and show me where I went wrong. I will update whatever needs updated, credit you and send out the improved results.

    The best place for your feedback (at least for now) is right here in this thread.

- Second, I would love for some volunteers to step forward and help polish things so that it can be released in a non-Beta version.

I am hoping that people see it as a quality map and can create a lot of missions to utilize the space. There is a tremendous amount of superb custom missions out there and I would love to see some of those converted to 29 Palms as well as a whole slew of new missions that really take advantage of the terrain and large draw distances.

As for the island and buildings, I specifically chose 29 Palms as I believe it has a lot of “playable” space, has diverse topography and will provide players with terrain which is unlike most/many of islands available for download and play (even though it is a desert landscape, of which there are many).

In keeping with my WGL/ACE/ACE 2 roots starting with OFP in 2001, I have designed the terrain and buildings to be playable at large viewing distances with minimal impact to frame rates. Additionally, I have put in a lot time to make the island/buildings as AI friendly as possible but my main focus was to get people on there. For example, there are a lot of roads and sometimes the AI doesn’t handle that very well.

If you’re interested in helping to finish up the buildings, please just let me know. Most needed are people to help finish the actual models. Secondary would be help with improving the textures. All help is appreciated.

- Feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated!
- In the coming weeks, I will upload the working files for anyone that wants to see what I've done "behind the scenes."
- If you enjoy the terrain and would like to donate in recognition of that appreciation, please feel free to send me a donation at semperteacher @ through PayPal (this is a donation and is, in no way, required to download and/or play the terrain or buildings).

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to everyone that has helped me with the private Beta and with mirroring/hosting the files for this general release. Creating something of this scope and scale requires knowledge and skill that has been amassed from countless experts here on the forums (and on other websites like and I am grateful for this amazing community.

beta 2
- there are many but the highlights are:
    - Updated models (improvements and enhancements) - I've compromised the low poly count of the first models with a call for higher poly buildings
    - mountain terrain is more rugged in the central mountain region (as a test) and makes it much harder to drive a vehicle through the actual mountains - it also makes fighting against infantry all that much harder and more rewarding
    - additional settlements and significant changes to former built up areas
    - reworked the satmap and heightmap for better alignment and more realistic looking terrain
    - all addon files now have BI signatures

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