Week report #276
Work in progress

* Arma 2 - Mrap RG31

    LordJarhead made the new sounds for the Mrap RG31 by ExplosiveAids and Stiltman.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Conspiracies Rising Dead 3

    Sled88 showed some of the enemies part of CRD3 as well as some of the progress Old Bear is making with the map.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Hell in the Pacific Mod

    Babylonjoke released an early wip of the Japanese No.101 class landing ship.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Base build script

    gc8 released a first wip screen of his Base build script which will build an entire base with randomly placed houses and other buildings.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - WR5 M14

    WueR released a couple of new screenshots showing the work he has done on the M14.

      Quote WueR :
      Sorry guys for not recent informing about M14 progress. I was very busy working on other important things, trying somewhere between them finish texture and polishing what I did earlier. Today I present you classic M14 with some in-game pics. Enjoy.
      Socom II is in progress right now, I'm going to show it when I will be happy with it. Optics, RIS rails and other attachments alre also in progress. I will show them later

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - IAS - Interactive Action System

    Zvukoper is working on an interactive action system and released a concept video showing his first work.

    - BI forums

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* Arma 2 - RKSL Studios: Patrol/Pilot boat

    RKSL-Rock posted a new update, this time of the Patrol/Pilot boat CBFASI is working on.

      Quote RKSL-Rock :
      Most probably destined to be part of IAP here's a 22m Patrol/Pilot boat we have in WIP. Its based off of a Pilot boat concept. So we're going to make a few different versions:
      • Pilot Boat - Hi-Viz colours unarmed, should be nice to see zipping around
      • Coast Guard - SAR/Coastal Patrol - Lightly armed with 7.62 forward mount
      • Coast Guard/Navy - .50 CAL RWS Turret on the foredeck. Maybe even a 20mm

    - RKSL Studios forums
    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Vilas' addons

    Vilas released a whole bunch of wip's the past week, here you can see a few of them.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Project RACS

    Both Ballistic09 and wld427 released some new screenshots on the BI forums.

    - BI forums

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