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Requirements: Arma 2, Cold War Rearmed²

Version: 1.71
Signed: Yes

Short description: adds British Armed Forces with a huge variety of Vehicles and Weapons.

Date: 2020-02-25 20:28

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Cold War Rearmed² - British Armed Forces Expansion

CWR² Team

Dedicated to Planck, you are deeply missed.

This Expansion for Cold War Rearmed² adds British Armed Forces with a huge variety of Vehicles and Weapons.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.
For Steam users, right-click on your Operation Arrowhead game and choose "Properties". Click "Set launch parameters" and paste that parameter into the text field that opens.

Included .pbo files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Cold War Rearmed² - British Armed Forces Expansion please refer to the included documentation.

Credits & Thanks:
Colonel Stagler Project Lead, Models, Textures
Max Power Fixing Textures and models
Mikero Fixing configs again and again
Sander Beta testing, configs
W0lle Configs, Model fixes, Documentation

External Developers/Contributors
Cimalex Para helmet
Cleggy FV432 model
Davids/RACS Team Scorpion and Scimitar
Davor (FPSBanana) L4 Bren and L96 model
Pathy + Da12thMoney L85 and L86 models
RobertHammer L9A1
Trouble Challenger and Bedford models
Vasmkd Textures

License/ Disclaimer:
The use of this modification is at your own risk. The members of the CWR² team are not responsible for any damage caused to your PC or your game installation.
This is not an official Bohemia Interactive product, they do not provide any support for this modification.
You are not allowed to use parts of this modification for your own addons/modifications without our permission.
You are not allowed to port this modification, or parts of it, to ARMA 3. Don’t even ask for permission. This includes modifying configs so CWR² or parts of it can be used in ARMA 3. We do not wish to see our work in that game, period.
Absolutely no commercial use of this modification is allowed. This includes monetization on youtube, charging users for downloads or collecting ‘donations’ for running a server or even for allowing people to play on your server.
Any modification of the included missions (campaigns, SP and MP) is strictly prohibited. If you have suggestions to improve them, contact us and we see what can be done.
No files in this package may be altered without expressed permission by the original authors and by CWR² members.
Copyright © 2001-2015 Cold War Rearmed² Team. All rights reserved.
ArmA II: Cold War Rearmed² is distributed under the same conditions as ARMA 2. See the EULA for ARMA 2.
“Operation Flashpoint” is a registered trademark of Codemasters.

FIXED : L7A1 was using the M60 machine gun model *WALL*

CHNGD – Landrover map icons
FIXED : FV101 commander ‘get in’ point was missing
FIXED : SAS Operatives no longer ‘Speak American’
FIXED : FV432 rpt warning
FIXED : Lynx wreck rpt warning
FIXED : FV510 rpt warning
FIXED : Landrover (MG) has working ammo belt
FIXED : Landrover label was mirrored

- ADDED - Land Rover
- ADDED - Sea Harrier FRS.1
- CHNGD - All tracked vehicles have British style tracks
- FIXED - Bolt action on L96
- FIXED - Damage textures on Challenger
- FIXED - Zeroing on Scorpion and Scimitar

- ADDED - FV101
- ADDED - FV107
- ADDED - L85 Rifle
- ADDED - L86 Rifle

- FIXED - Missing L9A1 Pistol

- ADDED - Sterling SMG
- FIXED - Small issues (berets, badges etc.)

- FIXED - Small bugfixes (can't remember details)

- ADDED - L9A1 Pistol
- ADDED - L96 Sniper Rifle
- ADDED - Sounds for L4, L7, L96, L9A1 (thanks Lord Jarhead)
- ADDED - Sniper unit
- CHNGD - Config separated from models
- FIXED - Several issues with ammo crates

- Cold War Rearmed²
- Arma 2

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