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Date: 2007-07-29 13:45

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Total Commander's pluggin (ofppbo.wcx)
CSLA Studio

For un/packing and de/compressing PBO files and decoding BIN files of Operation Flashpoint© and Armed Assault© games.

The ofppbo pluggin allows you through the Total Commander© to pack, unpack, compress, decompress PBO files and to decode BIN files (or encoded SQM, FPS, CFG, ArmASave etc.) of the Operation Flashpoint© and ArmedAssault© games. The pluggin has been tested on all available PBO files as well as BIN files (packed using StuffPBO, MakePBO, CPP2BIN, PBO Manager, OFP engine etc.).

System requirements:
This pluggin has been made for using with Total Commander© version 5.51 or greater running on Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista© operation systems.

The installation of this pluggin is automatic if the Total Commander© is of a version 6.5 or greater. In such a case the installation starts automatically if you double-click the file from within the Total Commander or you try to open the archive pressing the Enter key.
If you need to install the pluggin to a Total Commander© of a lower version than 6.5, perform these steps :
In the Total Commander©'s installation folder (usually C:\TotalCmd\) create these three subfolders: Plugins\wcx\ofppbo.
Copy the ofppbo.wcx file included in the archive into the newly created subfolder (C:\TotalCmd\Plugins\wcx\ofppbo\).
Choose the Configuration->Options item of the Total Commander's main menu. In the "Configuration" dialog window, that has appeared, select the "Packer" tab.
Click the "Configure packer extension WCX's" button in the "Additional packers" frame. An "Associate" window will appear.
In the "All files with extension (ending with):" combo box enter the following text : .pbo
Click the "New type" button, than select the C:\TotalCmd\Plugins\wcx\ofppbo\ofppbo.wcx from the "Browse" dialog window that has appeared.
Confirm your new setting by clicking the OK button.
Restart the Total Commander. The pluggin is ready to use now.

For an clear and complete explanation of how to use this and how to set this up so it works the best for you please read the included reamd file.

Known issues:
During the pluggin's beta testing a non-standard behaviour of the Total Commander© has been encountered. In case of you open any PBO file (or its subfolder), than you delete all its files at once, the content of the file (or subfolder) remains visually unchanged (the original content is still shown), but the real content is correct (it doesn't contain the recently deleted files). This behaviour has been consulted with the Total Commander's author with a conclusion that it's not a bug but an effort to keep up a compatibility with other packer pluggins. To workaround this behaviour, simply close and reopen the PBO file.

Legal disclaimer:
Created for OFP community. Freeware.
This pluggin is not a product of Bohemia Interactive Studio© nor C.Ghisler & Co.©. Although this plugin has been fully tested, its author doesn't take any responsibility for using it, that means... use it at your own risk :-).
Total Commander© is Copyright © 1995-2005 by Christian Ghisler, C. Ghisler & Co., Switzerland.

Total Commander© home page:

Notes for external tools developers:
The pluggin can be used as a part of other applications because it exports functions (OpenArchive, CloseArchive, ProcessFile, ReadHeader, PackFiles a DeleteFiles) needed for un/packing and de/compressing. The logic and signatures of these functions can be found in the WCX Writer's Reference located at
The following conditions must be kept to use the pluggin as a part of an other application:
In the release version of the application the unchanged ReadMe file (in both language mutations - Czech, English) must be included.
The pluggin's author must be informed by the application's author(via email) about using the pluggin as a part of the application.

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