Trailer Music Addon 1 by TheWraith517
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TheWraith517 sent us his Trailer Music Addon 1 which he made for Arma: Cold War Assault / Operation Flashpoint but which also works in Armed Assault (Arma 1) and Queens Gambit.

    Quote TheWraith517 :
    This is designed for people who wish to make Epic Sounding missions/cut scenes or what ever to keep mission download size smaller and for people and to make it easier to add Trailer Music & FX i decided to make this lil Addon.

    I actualy made this addon for OFP/CWA, but I've also tested it using "Armed Assault" and "Queens Gambit" and it works on both. I am technicly unable to test this on ARMA II or ARMA III, so if someone could test it and if it works let me know in the comments!

    You will not find any pirated themes or score CD content within this PBO! Everything is (C)TheWraith.

Written on 2012-09-14 16:11 by TheWraith517  

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