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Work in progress

* Arma 2 - WW1 Mod

    eaglke released a couple of wip screenshots this week showing the progress they have made with the MG08, a German machine gun.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - IAS - Interactive Action System

    zvukoper started a new topic in the BI forums introducing a new mod he is working on.
      Quote Zephyrdark :
      Core concept ideas:
      • Get rid of progress-bar-like interactions and actions, which make our medics yawn while doing medical treatment.
      • Actions take so much time that is needed to perform it based on duration and complexity of it’s subactions. If player knows how to do it, he can train himself to the action sequences and become professional in particular action.
      • Each subaction is represented in intuitive keyboard and mouse manipulations which correspond to real life actions and split into certain action categories (see Actions categories below).
      • Many actions can be dangerous for the doer or can damage the object of interaction.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle

    Bobman released new screenshots of his progress with the M2 Browning Machine Gun.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - RKSL Studio Animations Tutorials

    RKSL-Rock released the next in this series of animations tutorials for Arma 2.

      Quote RKSL-Rock :
      In this week's entry we continue our coverage on the processes used to create animations for ArmA addons. Following last week's look at .rtm animations we now turn our attention to the model.cfg.

      The model.cfg is a text-based configuration file that is processed during binarisation of a MLOD model for ArmA, that defines the sections, skeleton and animations for that model so that the game engine can interface with the model and make it react to various inputs from the player and game world. It has three main parts: First, class CfgSkeletons which as the name suggest, defines the skeleton – the way individual sections or 'bones' in the model are connected together in a hierarchy, such that they may move together as linked objects in response to an animation source. This is followed by class CfgModels which instructs the game engine on which skeleton to use for which .p3d, and also contains the third element; class Animations where the movement the skeleton for that model is programmed, using the model's memory LOD as a point of reference for the axes of movement, and the source that trigger's these animations is defined.

    You can follow the rest of this tutorial in the BI or RKSL Studio forums.

    - BI forums
    - RKSL Studios forums

* Arma 2 - Taviana Island

    -Martin- released a series of screenshots showing the progress he has made with this Island.

      Quote -Martin- :
      here some progress I’ve made today:

      The following city is called “Bilgrad na moru”, which in Slavic means (Was a castle by the sea).. If you build a city around a castle and you don’t know its name, you just say “Bilgrad na” and then where ever it is.

      Barracks from ArmA 1, too nice not to re-use...

      A long time ago I always wanted to build a city protected by big castle walls. But I couldn’t find the spot for it, the spot was finally found!

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Gore Mod / Wound effects

    Icewindo informed in the BI forums he has started working on a new gore / wound effects mod.

      Quote Icewindo :
      here's my take on a gore mod for ArmA2 which I had some ideas about when I scripted the knights for my medieval mod to lose their heads and I got asked on YT if that could be added to standard ArmA2 units.

      I currently have two different kind of techniques. Keep in mind I base the gibs based on effects I've seen in games and movies. However if there'd be comments on how to improve it, I'd be happy to hear them.

        1. The original soldier model gets deleted and gets replaced with custom gibs (helmet, arm, body parts)
        2. The original soldier model stays, additional gibs are added

    - BI forums

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* Arma 2 - Boeing/SOAR MH-47E

    konyo posted a video showing a MH-47E Sling Loading.

      Quote konyo :
      Yet another bombshell of news Here's the sling loading video of norrins finished script.
      You can sling load the M119, RHIB's and all the HMMWV's.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - G36 with specter

    vilas informed the community he has finished his work with the G36 with specter.

      Quote vilas :
      hi, so G36 with specter is ready , one KSK version for "West weapons" pack (w.i.p.) another one for Polish pack (in version ordered by "Formoza" Naval commando unit, with solid stock and Lithuanian handguard and German rail )

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Invasion 1944

    [APS]Gnat showed some screenshots of his work with Junkers Ju52.

      Quote [APS]Gnat :
      Pretty much done the C47
      Now nearly finished the Junkers Ju52.
      A lot of "invisible" improvements along with a bunch of visual improvements.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Project CDF

    AsierB introduced the South Zagorian Army's Detached Reconnaisance Company.

      Quote AsierB :
      This is an elite unit, under the direct command of the National Headquarters.

      Unit members have received extensive training on long range reconnaisance, explosives and demolitions, marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, communications, parachuting, mountain warfare, interrogation and emergency medical assistance.

      The unit's insignia is a bat, as it is traditional in Soviet/Russian military intelligence reconnaisance units. "Bat" is also the unit's nickname and callsign.

      English: Detached Reconnaisance Company, "Bat"
      Russian: Oтдельный Pазведывательный Рота, "Рукокрылые"
      Russian (phonetic): Otdelnyy Razvedyvatelnyy Rota, "Rukokrylyye"

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Mana Island

    mikebart informed he is working on a new version of this island, and he also showed some screens featuring the just updated mikebart's Vegetation.

- BI forums

* Arma 2 - Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Mr Pedersen and Babylonjoke informed in the BI forums about the progress made during these last days.

      Quote Mr Pedersen :
      British Commonwealth/Australian troops:

      Quote Mr Babylonjoke :
      New toys are arriving , take cover!
      Aichi D3a2: Model and Uv made by Kraetzer, Texture made by babelon (me)

      Updated model of the thompson, with a better smoothing groups and some other fixes.

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Shirin Tagab, Fayrab Provinz

    Donny Shown some screens of his map which he has been working on since march.

      Quote Donny :
      I am working on this since march this year, so I think I have now a standart to show up - but it will take a while till this one is finished, there are lots of objects to set. Stay tuned!:

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Clafghan Map

    Minimalaco informed the community about his excellent map Clafghan which is almost in a final state.

      Quote Minimalaco :
      Final release, very soon:

    - BI forums

* Arma 2 - Army of the Czecho-Slovakia republic 1938-1945

    Branzik Posted more screens of the Army of the Czecho-Slovakia republic mod on the BI forums.

    - BI forums

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