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Requirements: Arma 2, Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.5

Date: 2013-10-13 13:58

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RHS Coop Mission Pack

colonel stagler

Inspired by Sander and his many mission packs I threw together this pack of coop missions to be played either in MP or in SP where the player takes the role of the squad leader.
This archive contains 16 multiplayer coop missions that can also be played as single player missions with the player taking on the role of squad leader.

Mission content:
  • RHS_co02_AerialAttack.Chernarus.pbo
      A hind crew must scramble to intercept a NAPA armoured attack on a lightly defended outpost in the heavily forested mountains of central Chernarus.
  • RHS_co09_BeatenTrack.Chernarus.pbo
      On a routine clearance mission, the crew of a T80A and its attached infantry support hit a problem as the tank is immobilised by an IED. They must defend the stranded tank and await combat support services to come and repair their vehicle before continuing on with their mission.
  • RHS_co09_BloodGulch.Chernarus.pbo
      A mounted MSV squad with attached medical support must perform a clearance operation through a valley occupied by NAPA forces.
  • RHS_co10_WoodStocks.Chernarus.pbo
      A mounted MSV squad must locate and destroy caches of NAPA weapons and hidden armoured vehicles in the remote Black Forest region.
  • RHS_co08_RescueTrucks.Chernarus.pbo
      A dismounted MSV squad must infiltrate into Pusta in a dawn attack to recapture some supply trucks stolen by the NAPA in an ambush, then hold position to await engineer support to safely extract the trucks from the area.
  • RHS_co08_BrookCzechs.Chernarus.pbo
      An MSV platoon with the support of its accompanying IFVs must clear out an listening post of US Marine forces in a raiding operation then defend against counterattacks.
  • RHS_co03_IronFury.Chernarus.pbo
      Russian armour must punch forward and destroy CDF armour south of the Airfield.
  • RHS_co10_SeizeTown.Chernarus.pbo
      A mounted MSV squad must clear Stary Sobor of CDF forces and hold the town while awaiting reinforcement.
  • RHS_co09_CounterATGM.Chernarus.pbo
      A mounted MSV squad must destroy CDF ATGMs emplaced around Kabanino to allow friendly armoured units to advance.
  • RHS_co09_RadarDefeat.Chernarus.pbo
      A mounted MSV must destroy a nearby counter-battery radar then draw out and defeat CDF mechanised reserves.
  • RHS_co08_IndirectAttack.Chernarus.pbo
      MSV troops must capture Novy Sobor from USMC forces with the assistance of artillery support.
  • RHS_co06_SpecialDelivery.Chernarus.pbo
      A Special Operations unit must ambush a munitions convoy and destroy CDF materiel before extracting by helicopter.
  • RHS_co06_RetreivalParty.Chernarus.pbo
      A Special Operations unit must rescue two captured Russian soldiers and destroy insurgent AA capability before extracting by helicopter.
  • RHS_co08_DamageControl.Chernarus.pbo
      Dismounted MSV troops must cut CDF command and control before exploiting to seize Mogilevka from mechanised infantry.
  • RHS_co10_HardLanding.Chernarus.pbo
      Two VDV squads must seize Pustoshka in a surprise airborne attack then await ground reinforcement.
  • RHS_co08_DeniedDispersion.Chernarus.pbo
      An MSV squad must seize Gorka and destroy CDF munitions at a supply depot before awaiting reinforcement.
  • RHS_co06_FortLess.Chernarus.pbo
      A Special Operations unit must clear Devils Castle of NAPA fighters and capture guerilla intelligence then extract via helicopter.
  • RHS_co03_BlitzScreen.Chernarus.pbo
      A Russian tank platoon must screen the left flank of a large scale infantry assault from armoured threats.
  • RHS_c080_DoubleDesant.Chernarus.pbo
      A mounted VDV unit must seize Rogovo and Pogorevka from CDF forces then await support from local militia forces whilst defending their gains.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder for singleplayer.
Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder for multiplayer/coop.

Credits & Thanks:
First of all the BIS developers must be thanked for making an excellent game. Thanks to Sander for his LADvice and mission making style.

- Fixed a few identified bugs (I hope).
- Added: New Mission RHS_c080_DoubleDesant.Chernarus.pbo

Bug Fixes:
  • Hard Landing duplicated tasks.
  • ACR dependency in Beaten Track.
  • Spelling mistake in Iron Fury brief.
  • Added: New Missions
  • RHS_co06_FortLess.Chernarus.pbo
  • RHS_co03_BlitzScreen.Chernarus.pbo

  • A Russian tank platoon must screen the left flank of a large scale infantry assault from armoured threats.
    Bug Fixes:
  • Hard Landing last objective not ticking off.
  • Spelling mistakes in Damage Control Briefing.
  • Added: New Mission
  • RHS_co08_DeniedDispersion.Chernarus.pbo
  • Note: I couldn't find what was causing the duplicated tasks, it was probably a JIP issue.

  • Added: New Mission

  • v1.1
  • Added: New Mission
  • Fixed: Hopefully I have fixed the multiple objective complete taskhintF messages.
  • Fixed: Few little bugs in the readme and on the missions.

  • v1.0
  • 1 new mission
  • bugs fixed from the last version
  • all missions moved onto Chernarus
  • ACR dependencies have also been removed

  • v1.4
  • Quick update.
  • Fixed convoy composition in Special Delivery.

  • v1.3
  • Added 3 new missions.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Added PKP to most mission loadouts.
  • I found the problem in Brook Czechs it was the trigger not firing on !alive when a static object was destroyed.

  • v1.2
  • Added 3 new missions.
  • Fixed various bugs, although I couldn't find any in Brook Czechs variable.
  • Missions now tick off when done too.

  • v1.1
  • Added 1 new mission.
  • Fixed various bugs.

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