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Requirements: Star 9mm Pistol & SAAF Pilot by Bush Wars Mod

Version: 1.80

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Date: 2008-01-07 22:07

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Alouette II
Bush Wars Mod

The Aerospatiale Alouette II SA-3130 light utility helicopter as operated by South African Air force Nº17 Squadron (1984).

To install and use this add-on in ArmA simply unpack the file and put it into the ArmA/Addons folder. If you have the BushWars Mod Folder then you unpack the file to ArmA/BushWars/Addons folder.
Or use a mod folder to install/launch it (recommended).
If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

Known bugs:
Most of the bugs where fixed during beta testing. If you notice any other bugs please report them to Bush Wars Forum

V 1.00 Beta
- First release

V1.5 Beta
- Added .rvmat files
- Added damage textures
- Added Skid wheels
- Added fresnel glass effect
- Changed Armour value to 40

v1.70 Beta
- fixed sound and textures
- fixed shadow LODS
- added Rotors as proxies to fix Alpha problems
- shadows now show on helicopter.

Second Public release

ObmaR for model and textures
DigiA for the config and scripts
Ou Matroos Beta testing and suggestions
FALCON 1 Beta testing/ technical material/ Images
BIS for the Game and the tools (support) for their great Hosting offer and support

You can distribute this add-on on your homepage without further consultation as long as you don’t change or alter the file or its contents.
The Author is in no way responsible for any damages caused to yourself or to your computer by this product. Bohemia Interactive Studios is in no way liable for this product or for any damages caused. Use it at your own risk!
All material contained in this folder is open source, so please give credit where due.

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- Bush wars forum

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