WIP Report - don2k7's aircraft reskins
Work in progress

don2k7 informed the community on the Armaholic forums he started working on different aircraft reskins.

    Quote don2k7 :
    I am currently working on reskins for different aircrafts, mainly in desert but have done others as wel.
    The harriers have been a combined effort with boss.

    I couldn't find a real life desert harrier or F35 like the ones I have done, the c130 in desert and green exists though.
    I started these as a friend wanted desert versions for a mission he is creating, the other versions are just me playing in photoshop (not pictured) and still have to add the harrier pictures of 'bosses' harriers from arma1.

    Any comments welcome and watch this space!

You can post your feedback in the don2k7's aircraft reskins wip topic.

Written on 2012-09-27 19:51 by don2k7  

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