Author: Rydygier
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Requirements: Arma 2, Battlemages (included)
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2012-10-02 07:17

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Eight Notches


Here is the homeland of the Gifted. Their ability of harnessing exotic energy has become their curse. Group of the most powerful of them, called "The Eight", vowed to eradicate Gifted with the whole bloodline. Was unleashed cruel "Cleansing Wars". Gifted were hunted down and murdered with their families. Those, who resisted, were defeated. Whole villages was wiped off the map. In the end only one, the last Gifted's refuge was left, but not for long. "Cleansing Wars" are coming to an end, the country lies at the feet of "The Eight".

It is too late to save other Gifted, but try to save own family and avenge the others now, when you earned the knowledge about weak spot of yours powerful enemies.

"Eight Notches" is a dynamic SP mission set in an alternate Chernaruss. It has a simply plot and objectives, but almost all of its elements are deployed randomly at the beginning, though not by chance, therefore, its course is unpredictable and different every time. Nothing but magically summoned units is spawned during the game. All forces are present on the map from the beginning. This mission isn't concentrated on intense action. In fact, quality of used tactic is opposite proportional to the amount of firefights except for a minimum of unavoidable violence needed to complete objectives. Of course, everyone can choose the approach that he liked, but in general the mission will be a challenge in terms of efficient use of the map, deliberate route choosing, forward-looking quick thinking and planning ahead, and all this under the pressure of relentless chase of "The Eight" battlemages and other multiple threats (more information you can find on the map screen). Because of that "EN" may prove to be a difficult mission.

Gameplay in brief:
- first task is to evacuate younger brother out of the country;
- second task is to kill all eight hostile battlemages. But their initial invulnerability generates third task:
- to destroy eight so called "mana shield generators" spread out across the whole country, to make enemy mages vulnerable.

Tasks may be done in any effective order or simultanously.

Required addon (included): Models of the battlemages (The Eight) and their modified weapons by Icewindo;

Extract the EightNotches.Chernarus.pbo file to your ARMA2\Missions folder. Included addon folder (@battlemages) as is put into your modfolder.

Intro song: BUSHES AND BRIARS by Caroline Lavelle.

AI-modifying addons possibly may badly interfere with the behavior of some characters (their AI is already modified by internal code).

During the outro may occur rapidly flashing lights (warning for epileptics).

Scripts used:
Fog Breath Simple Script by TPW modified by Rydygier;
Nice Boat's Tank Damage System;
Fire at Will;
Rincewinder: Combat Effective Magick System (manual included);
Action Cam (in the outro);
Warmonger: Map Populating Tool (fully autonomously, random, but reasonable placed strongpoints, foot and motorized patrols and minefields. Idea partially inspired by Igneous01's RUFS project, but written from the scratch by me).

- save the game frequently;
- often check the map;
- use the terrain to avoid unnecessary confrontations;
- absolutely necessary to avoid confrontations with mages of The Eight until you make them vulnerable. If spotted earlier - hide or flee as fast as possible;
- stay in move;
- well think about the sequence of actions and tactics;
- see the tab "Notes" on the map of the mission;
- magic offers many possibilities, but should not be overestimated. Bullet in the head is usually more reliable. Still, wisely used spell may be yours best friend sometimes;

Known issues:
- sometimes game crashes to desktop during intro or outro. Cause unknown;
- possible language mistakes.

Credits & Thanks:
Icewindo for The Eight models and modified weapons
TPW for Fog Breath Simple Script
Nice_Boat for Tank Damage System

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