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Requirements: Project '85 - Config

Version: 2014-04-12
Signed: Yes

Short description: These addons concetrates on a fictional conflict, which could occur in the 80s in Central Europe.

Date: 2014-04-12 21:30

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Project '85 - Vehicles


This contains all different vehicles for the Project '85 mod.

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For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

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Included .pbo files:

These addons are signed with „Vilas” BISign (in order to allow proper multiplayer usage) for mp servers hosts.
You can download the vilas.bikey from here.

Credits & thanks:
Who made the contents of these files:
- Vilas: models, textures, configs, normalmaps, materials, wounds and destruction system, most weapons, units and vehicles;
-RHS studio: eastern vehicles, optics for vehicle crosshairs, RPG-22, and especialy Kenji and ShadowNX: soviet units textures, and vehicle normalmaps, also many other things;
-Yaciek: models, textures, normalmaps, units wounds and weapons system, OFP textures merging, getting permision form LWP Mod to use their work from OFP.
-Maæko – UI and missions
-Ejay and Crazy Husars team – missionmaking, help with configs, lots of help and M1 Abrams textures;
-Col. Faulkner – optics and much advice. British soldiers equipment.
-Rygugu – M60A3 and T-55, together with textures and materials;
-Modul – animations;
- OVG, ZGuba
- Eric-M, RKSL - HIND
- TPM91 - sounds,
- community - 2S1 optics, help, consultations
former mods members:
-Thunderbird84 – changing config files, language help;
-NSX – language help and searching info about equipment;
-Godhammer – air weapons; and other members as Topas, St.Ace, A.Lazarus and other people (sory if not mentioned), as mod had big number of members and cooperators which changed troughout of time

Other thanks:
BW MOD, CSLA MOD, FFAA MOD, RHS MOD, RACS MOD,IDF MOD - and many other mods, which we have forgotten to add to our thanks list, for which we are truly sorry. :-)

shop "PREDATOR" - special thanx for consulting and help, also in OFP-addonmaking era, helped a lot

All of the Project '85 addons are only to be used in Arma 2. Usage with Dayz or porting to Arma 3 or any other game (especially not-BIS games) is not allowed.
These addons can not be used on commercial servers.

- Mercedes G for BW,
- Mercedes NG (truck) for BW,
- rebinarized MAN (fixed glass break issue),
- IFA for NVA,
- Robur for NVA,

- few minor bugs fixed (reflectors in few trucks were only single light, in some trucks glass break of windows were not working)
- added several military trucks (IFA W50, Robur, Mercedes Benz 1017)

- big thanx for detailed tests by : Mystikuza, thanx to him is this update,
- T64, T80 wheels size changed,
- dampers of wheeled vehicles now work better,
- added Sheridan tank, added M48 Patton tank,

- unknown

- lights in some trucks were fixed
- BVP M80A was added to P85

- destruction on some vehicles was lacking
- AT1 on BRDM1 were not disappearing after launching
- added MIM72 Chaparell (AA system) and AIFV (Dutch YPR765)

- many old textures have been updated (mud and such like details)
- some models of vehicles were updated too (MUTTs, Jeeps, M113, SKOT, Willys)
- some vehicles get bug fixes
- new vehicles are : M59 APC (Korean War APC , before M113), SA-8, four MTLB variants including SA13, 2S3 Akatsya 152mm sph, British FV432, FV101, FV107 light tanks, four LAV V-150 variants , OT62 (not BTR50), Ural 375, T64BV (T64 with ERA), PBR Mk2, fictional Soviet boat based on HRL from OFP, BRDM (BRDM-1 shown before), FUG, new Jeeps (CJ3, M38A1 Jeep from Korean War), CUCV, CUCV pickup, M577, more M113 variants
- activated "hiddenselectiontexture" on many vehicles (selection name Camo01, Camo02... etc)

- fixed bug where wheels were turning with turret

- barrel movement applied to M109, 2S1 , 2S7 and animated 2S7 loader
- replaced old poor quality models from 2007 , Nysa van and 2S7 big gun

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